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Gives Cashback, ShopeePay Supports MSMEs Business Development

Gives Cashback, ShopeePay Supports MSMEs Business Development

ShopeePay has just launched a program entitled ShopeePay Spirit of Local Business. This program is here to expand the reach of ShopeePay’s digital payments while at the same time supporting the development of the SME business in Indonesia.

This program comes by offering a cashback of 60 percent. Through this program, ShopeePay wants to encourage SME activists in various cities to enter into its digital payment ecosystem.

“The spirit of local businesses is one of our strategies in stimulating the local economy through the 60 percent cashback program which is expected to be able to encourage digital transactions of the community at merchants,” said ShopeePay’s Head of Strategic Merchant Acquisition, Eka Nilam Dari, in an official statement received.

Gives Cashback, ShopeePay Supports MSMEs Business Development

According to Eka, merchants who join the ShopeePay ecosystem will also get greater visibility to reach more consumers. This applies to consumers who have or have never used ShopeePay.

This program will target more small business activists such as food courts, stalls and kiosks to take advantage of digital technology to grow their businesses faster. Later, this program will be held in several cities throughout 2021.

As a first step, this program will start in the city of Medan, North Sumatra. Medan was chosen because it is known as one of the largest cities in Indonesia and is the business center of Sumatra, including the city that drives the national economy.

“Through a special cashback program that we carry in each city, we want to revive the local economy through digital public transactions using ShopeePay,” said Eka closing his statement.

ShopeePay Gives Cashback up to 80% for Transactions on MyTelkomsel

Previously, Telkomsel was known to have participated in the ShopeePay Super Online Deals campaign. Telkomsel customers will get cashback of up to 80 percent for every transaction to purchase phone and internet packages on the MyTelkomsel application using the ShopeePay payment method from February 12 to 21, 2021.

Telkomsel’s General Manager of Digital Product and Service Management, Awalludin Subarkat, explained that online community activities that have increased during Covid-19 have encouraged companies to continue to provide services according to customer needs.

Gives Cashback, ShopeePay Supports MSMEs Business Development

“Telkomsel’s participation in the ShopeePay Super Online Deals campaign is a means for MyTelkomsel users to have reliable internet services, easy access, affordable packages, and convenience during digital recreation,” he said in a written statement.

According to him, it’s in line with the company’s commitment to offering customer-centric products and services, which “conform to people’s lifestyles in all situations.” Cindy Candiawan, Head of Campaigns and Growth Marketing at ShopeePay, said ShopeePay Super Online Deals offers the convenience of online transactions from home through collaboration with various merchants.

“ShopeePay Super Online Deals campaign’s presence is expected to support people’s digital recreation, from telecommunications, entertainment, to access to other needs,” said Cindy.

Targeting 500 Thousand MSMEs in Indonesia

Shopee is targeting 500 thousand Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the country to sell their products overseas through its platform. Shopee launched a program entitled “500,000 New Exporters” which started at the beginning of this month and is targeted to be completed by 2030.

Gives Cashback, ShopeePay Supports MSMEs Business Development

In carrying out the program, the company collaborates with various parties, such as the Export School of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN) and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Kemenkop UKM). The company also collaborates with Bank Indonesia (BI). In the future, BI-assisted MSMEs will become part of the 500 thousand exporters.

Shopee will equip the assisted MSMEs with materials such as specific export success tips. The material provided refers to the application of Shopee’s export digital literacy through the Kreasi Nusantara channel from Local to Global.

This e-commerce has indeed held Kreasi Nusantara since 2019. The goal is to market MSME products to Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries in Southeast Asia. Last year, 20 thousand MSMEs participated in this program.