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Anteraja Expands Services in Online Stores through Bukalapak

Anteraja Expands Services in Online Stores through Bukalapak

PT Tri Adi Bersama (Anteraja), a logistic startup which is a subsidiary of PT Adi Sarana Armada Tbk (ASSA), continues to expand into the e-commerce market in line with the availability of Anteraja delivery services at Bukalapak.

Previously, similar services were available on Tokopedia, BliBli, and Shopee. At the end of last year, Anteraja managed to increase the volume of shipments by more than 500% compared to the end of 2019.

Anteraja Expands Services in Online Stores through Bukalapak

This increase shows a very significant number, this shows consumer confidence in using Anteraja as a delivery service. Anteraja has contributed revenue to ASSA amounting to IDR 484.3 billion or 21.3% of ASSA’s total revenue in the third quarter of 2020.

The CEO of Anteraja, Suyanto, said that currently the potential for shipping services in the e-commerce trade business sector is very large, especially during the current pandemic and social restrictions have an impact on the shipping business which has increased quite significantly in the e-commerce trade sector along with developments of online buying and selling business in Indonesia.

Logistics Supports the Development of Ecommerce in the Middle of a Pandemic

Anteraja, according to Suyanto, takes full advantage of this opportunity and momentum, especially during a pandemic like this, logistics support the development of e-commerce.

“The presence of Anteraja at Bukalapak is also in line with our vision and mission in an effort to continue to encourage the economic wheel ecosystem in Indonesia and provide solutions that make it easier for business actors, especially sellers, MSMEs and sellers at Bukalapak to deliver goods practically and safely in this fully connected era. , “Said Suyanto in Jakarta, Thursday (4/3/2021).

Anteraja Expands Services in Online Stores through Bukalapak

Through the presence of Anteraja shipping service at Bukalapak, users and customers can place delivery orders according to the type of delivery service they want.

As for the type of Anteraja service at Bukalapak, there are 3 choices, namely the type of Regular service with an estimated time of 2-5 days, then the next-day service for an interval of one day and also for the same day service type with an 8-hour SLA of delivery.

Anteraja VP Sales and Marketing, Andri Hidayat said that the collaboration with Bukalapak is an important step and our seriousness to reach consumers throughout Indonesia.

“We as a logistics company will prioritize the delivery of goods so that the delivery time target we promise to customers will be achieved on time,” said Andri, adding that Anteraja’s delivery service at Bukalapak provides several advantages compared to other logistics competitors.

Anteraja provides a real-time online system and another advantage is that the pick-up of products from the sender or seller’s place is fast, without a minimum of goods being picked up. Anteraja’s advantage at Bukalapak is the existence of a 10% cashback program for sellers who activate Anteraja’s delivery service at sellers’ stores in the period 1-31 March 2021.

In addition, users who shop at Bukalapak can get free shipping discounts of up to IDR 15 thousand by the end of March.

Providing Cashback on the Shopee Platform

Anteraja also appreciates sellers at online shop, Shopee, by holding a Cashback Program and a special million rupiah gift voucher for sellers who activate Anteraja in the period 15-24 February 2021.

Anteraja Expands Services in Online Stores through Bukalapak

Anteraja delivery service on the Shopee marketplace provides regular delivery services with an estimated time of 1-5 days. As for the benefits that sellers get in activating Anteraja, namely with packages that are definitely picked up without requiring a minimum number of items. Satria or the term Anteraja courier will weigh the package directly on the spot.

Previously, Anteraja also collaborated with ShopeePay by providing cashback of up to 80% for users or buyers who made deliveries on the Anteraja application and used Shopee Pay as a payment method during the period 12-21 February 2021. Cashback will be given in the form of Shopee coins.