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The Best Video Conference Application That Makes WFH Smoother

The Best Video Conference Application That Makes WFH Smoother

The need for video conference application is getting higher along with the government’s recommendation to work from home. Thanks to this technology, face-to-face interactions can still be done even if we are separated. Coordination between teams has become easier because of it.

However, certain video-conferencing applications has its limitations, especially for the free ones. Therefore, to maintain your productivity while working from home, here are 10 recommendations for the best video-conferencing applications that you can use.

The Most Used Application for Business Conferences

Zoom Meeting

Since this world is attacked by the Coronavirus, every employees, students, and teachers have to stay at home. Zoom is the most popular conference application. It is because Zoom is quite good and it can hold video conferences with a capacity of up to 1,000 people.

The Best Video Conference Application That Makes WFH Smoother

By using Zoom, you can not only hold video conferences, but also audio conferences, live chat, record meetings, and webinars. It is very easy to use. The services offered are indeed very helpful amidst the suggestion of working from home.

Zoom service itself consists of several levels with different prices. First, there’s Zoom Free which is free but with a time limit of 40 minutes per meeting. Second, Zoom Pro, which is priced at USD 14.99 per month per meeting host, is suitable for small teams.

Third, there is Zoom Business at a price of USD 19.99 per month per meeting host which offers corporate branding features, special service support, and meeting transcripts. Fourth, Zoom Enterprise is also priced at USD 19.99 per month per host.

Google Hangouts Meet

For those of you whose business relies heavily on Google’s G Suite services, the Google Hangouts Meet application can be the best video conferencing facility. This is because this application is connected to other Google services, making it easier to invite teammates to conduct a video conference.

In fact, the meeting invitation on the Google Calendar application is already connected to Google Hangout Meet, so you don’t have to bother looking for ways to join the video conference. Google Hangout Meet has a nice and simple user interface, making it easy for everyone to understand. 

The existence of a feature to send messages via chat also makes Google Hangouts more convenient for video conferencing. If in certain conditions where the internet connection is less stable, this chat feature will be very useful. 

The other advantage is the presence of end-to-end encryption to ensure the security of your communications. It can also be used on a computer or smartphone. This flexibility makes it easy to coordinate with teammates who may be in the field and don’t have access to computers.

The Best Video Conference Application That Makes WFH Smoother

Video Conference Application for Family and Friends Meetings


Not only provides call, WhatsApp also provides an opportunity for those of you who want to do a video conference with the team without the need to download a special application that is priced at a certain price. 

Using WhatsApp allows you to communicate with those who have difficulty accessing a computer, so using a smartphone is sufficient. What’s more, video conferencing on WhatsApp can accommodate 16 people, and 32 people for group voice calls.

It’s just that WhatsApp cannot be used for video calls using a computer. So, you still need a smartphone to be able to do video conferencing with teammates. If the video conferencing is for short coordination, WhatsApp can certainly still work well.


FaceTime is a video conferencing or video call application launched by Apple. It’s quite easy to use just like the calling feature. This application can only be used on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iMac, and Macbook. 

If there are members in your team who are not users of Apple products, it is not recommended to use FaceTime. The FaceTime application itself is known to have an easy way to use. The User Interface is quite simple, so it is easy for anyone to understand.

However, this application is not suitable for business purposes because FaceTime is more synonymous with casual video conferencing. This can be seen from how you can add various cute filters and animoji. That is why it is suitable for family and friends online meetings.

Free Conference Application for Education Needs


FreeConference provides the convenience of video conferencing on desktop computers without the need to use an application, so just use a browser. It’s just that, specifically for smartphones and tablets, you still have to download the FreeConference application first.

FreeConference is suitable for use in online meetings thanks to its Screen Sharing feature, like Google Hangouts Meet, so your teammates can follow explanations more comfortably. FreeConference also has a chat feature if you need it. 

After the online meeting is over, you can upload important documents directly to FreeConference, so you don’t have to send them via email again. It is quite easy to use, especially for teachers and students.


Unlike the other video conference application, Jitsi is a completely free service. Therefore, there are no other premium or paid packages at Jitsi. Even though it’s free, Jitsi’s features are fairly complete, just like other applications. 

They have screen sharing, editing shared documents using the Etherpad, exchanging messages during meetings, and almost unlimited number of participants. You can even connect Jitsi with a YouTube live stream service that can be accessed by anyone you want. 

The Best Video Conference Application That Makes WFH Smoother

The Best Conference Application That Worth to Have 

Microsoft Teams

Skype is the most popular conference application for the past day, but now Microsoft Teams is known as the replacement. This Teams application combines video conferencing with instant messaging, regular telephone, and document collaboration into one single application. The Teams app is connected to Microsoft Office 365 services.

You can complete collaborative work without needing to meet in person. Apart from online meetings, the Teams application can also be used for webinars, presentations, or large-scale meetings with a capacity of up to 10,000 people who come from inside and outside your organization.

This application is available for your computer, smartphone and tablet devices. The price offered starts from IDR 39,100 per user per month to IDR 159,100 per user per month. It is quite pricy but worth buying.


GoToMeeting is a video configuration application that has many features. As with other applications, GoToMeeting also allows you to run meetings, send short messages during video conferences, as well as comprehensive meeting scheduling. You can create your own virtual meeting room, with a separate link to ensure privacy.

For those of you Apple device users, GoToMeeting has been integrated with the Siri virtual assistant, so you can access it only through voice commands. Apart from that, GoToMeeting also has a feature called Commuter Mode to save on your data usage. 

Those are the recommendations for the best video conferencing applications that you can use. Each of the above applications has its own advantages and disadvantages. You have to find the most suitable video conference application for your business needs.