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Comparing Zoom and Google Meet to Understand Advantages Offered

Comparing Zoom and Google Meet to Understand Advantages Offered

With more people working from home and attending virtual classes, you may curious about Zoom and Google Meet and how to communicate with your teachers, classmates, and colleagues in the best way. There are many options for communicating online thanks to web-based tools. 

They ensuring that you can work and study from home with ease. More and more people are working and studying from home, especially in response to further action being taken to help fight the coronavirus spread.

Zoom Google meet are among the most popular apps, which are used by classrooms and workplaces around the world. Via video conferencing, the ability to interact with other attendees is provided by both services, enabling schools and businesses to conduct lessons and video meetings through a variety of devices and apps.

In this post, zoom Google meet are used to find out. But, each platform have their weakness and strength, and considering the other apps you intended to use and the size of a team, one may be more suited to your needs 

Comparing Zoom and Google Meet to Understand Advantages Offered

Zoom and Google Meet, Security

Google Meet is so different from Zoom because of one of the main aspect which is security. Lately about security issues, the latter been in limelight and a new version is released to address some of these issues.

An unique encryption key also generated by Meet that only exists when the meeting runs. As an illustration, multiple 2-step verification options are supported by Google Meet for a user account, adheres to the IETF security standards for SRTP (Secure Real-time Transport Protocol) and DTLS (Datagram Transport Layer Security).

And it is transmitted in a secured remote procedure call (RPC) and encrypted when the meeting is being prepared. Instead, the AES 256-bit GCM encryption standard is used by zoom that is enabled across all accounts in May 2020 ago.

Plans and Pricing

Both Zoom Google meet have many plans for different monthly costs, with certain packages offers certain features. The free version is the basic version but it has some limitations not as great as the premium version.

Specifically, group meetings can only up to 40 minutes and you can host a meeting for 100 people. Even so, this may not a matter for those who have a small team, but will be a matter for a big team and should understand more about Zoom and Google Meet.

For Google Meet, you also can choose a few different options. Although a free version of the Google Meet was not initially available, now free access is offered by Google to all of its members to a limited version of the service.

You can pay Google Meet as a subscription to unlock more features. The payment is to make it as a part of Google’s G suite Catalog. This Google’s G suite available starting at $6 per month per user, and $25 per user per month for the Enterprise plan.

Comparing Zoom and Google Meet to Understand Advantages Offered

Choose Zoom If You Want Features

If all the features, small and big, are listed that owned by Zoom Google Meet does not have, we would easily be past Zoom’s 50-minute time limit. However, here is a list of some of the main features below.

Recording and Interaction

You can record a meeting in M4A and MP4 formats in Zoom which you can save locally on your system. Not like Google Meet that unable free user to record virtual meetings. But if you are a paid edition of G suite enterprise for education, you can seamlessly record meetings.

Virtual background and Gallery View

From blurs to video backgrounds and still photos, Zoom has these all. Google Meet does not have it. In Zoom, up to 49 participants can be seen while 16 participants in Google Meet are only shown in its tiles view.

A waiting room and whiteboard

There will be a list of participants waiting to join your Zoom call. Without disconnecting them, you can kick them off or add participants in a meeting. This is only built-in Zoom. Something like Google Jamboard must be used when using Google Meet.


Because of a gallery on a single screen that can show 49 participants, Zoom become popular. But, Google Meet enabling an expanded tile layout, it mimicked that interface that simultaneously displays up to 16 participants at a time.

  1. Participants limit and Meeting Time

Google is now free for everyone not like it was in early 2020. Zoom also already has a free version. But like other premium offerings, the free version of both Zoom Google Meet have some limitations.

Comparing Zoom and Google Meet to Understand Advantages Offered

Pick Google Meet for Simplicity Reason

For some people, features are not everything. It may be too restrictive to do a call in only 40 minutes like what zoom offers. The 60 minute Google Meet time limit is better as many events, classes, or meetings take place that long.

If you want a larger collection to be used with your video conferencing services, then Google Meet is more suitable. Formerly, this platform that known as Google Hangouts Meet is part of the company’s G subscription that comes with other helpful services.

If you want to do video call with your friends or colleagues using Zoom Google Meet, and maybe share your screen and make you looking for a simple service, you will be satisfied with the free Google Meet’s plan.


If you want to set up a video meeting in a conference room, the perfect choice is Zoom. This is because conferencing equipment integrated into it can allow meeting’s streaming for 500 devices at once while also allow more participants can join without asking them to tap from individual devices.

Although a free plan is available, the features are limited including how long individuals meetings can be held. With the zoom’s free account, you cannot save and record your meetings. All the tools and features you need are provided by the paid account. But they end up costing a lot more than Google Meet.

Google Meet and Zoom have almost the same tools and features available, which are important for those who work in the office or from home. As Google Meet comes with every G suite account, it is a bit more convenient. Both Zoom and Google Meet can suit you according to your needs.