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The Best Photo Editor Apps for Your Instagram Feed

The Best Photo Editor Apps for Your Instagram Feed

Earlier before the development of smartphones like nowadays, photo editor apps could only be run on a PC. However, to this day many photo editor applications have been developed on smartphones. In line with the increasing need to edit photos such as for the Instagram feed.

Today, almost everyone around the world uses Instagram. This platform has also been the defending champion for years as a social media for sharing the best photos and videos. Having an aesthetic, beautiful, and neat feed is one of the desires of many people. 

The attractive appearance of the Instagram feed can amaze many people while making your content look professional. Not only that, beauty and tidiness of feeds also have a positive impact on online shops promoted on Instagram. Many successful online merchants have proven it. 

The Best Photo Editor Apps for Your Instagram Feed

The Easiest Editor Apps to Use for Newbie

It is not surprising that there are many Instagram filter and photo editing applications created to support the creation of interesting Instagram content. Now, you can create an attractive and aesthetic Instagram feed yourself to beautify your own account or business. 


The first Instagram filter application recommendation is Snapseed. This app is developed by Google LLC and has been downloaded more than 100 million times on the Google Play Store. This is of course because Snapseed offers a variety of interesting features to enhance your Instagram feed content.

Snapseed has dozens of editing features for various aspects of photos such as deleting objects, adjusting color temperature, saturation, exposure, brightness to contrast. Snapseed also provides various beautiful filters such as HDR, vintage, black and white, and others that are easy to apply to your photos.

The excellent feature of this application is the editing tools for specific areas of the photo. Snapseed has brush-like tools for editing specific areas of the photo. So, you are free to adjust the sharpness, contrast, saturation, etc. of certain objects in the photo. 

VSCO Cam, Photo and Video Editor

The third recommendation for the Instagram filter application is VSCO Cam: Photo and Video Editor, which is just as popular as Adobe Lightroom. Compared to Lightroom, whose application interface is more designed for professionals, VSCO Cam has a more beginner-friendly and simple design.

Uniquely, VSCO Cam is not just an Instagram filter application. VSCO itself is a social media network like Instagram, you know! All VSCO users can see the results of the photo edits they make and upload. 

This application is equipped with various editing tools for adjusting color, saturation, adding texture, brightness, and more. To edit photos, you can choose from the gallery or take a picture directly from the application using the built-in camera feature.

However, the excellent feature of VSCO is the hundreds of filters it has. In this app, you can edit photos using filters in a modern, cheerful, or classic style. But not all filters in VSCO can be accessed for free, you need a subscription. 

Photo Editor Apps with Free Premium Presets


If you still haven’t found the right Instagram filter app, maybe you can try this Afterlight application created by Afterlight Collective, Inc. Afterlight is an Instagram photo editing application with dozens of filters ready to be applied immediately. 

Therefore, Afterlight is suitable for those of you who want to do the photo editing process quickly, practically, and non-wordy. Compared to other application filters, Afterlight’s filters have the highest aesthetic value and are often used for various professional content on Instagram.

Not only limited to presenting filters, with Afterlight you can also edit photo details such as adjusting contrast, saturation, brightness, RBG, and others. You can also add a frame to beautify the photo and increase the resolution of the photo.

The Best Photo Editor Apps for Your Instagram Feed

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 

This Instagram filter application is very popular among Indonesian or world photo editors, photographers, and videographers. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (also known as Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC) is a lightweight version of the desktop application for Adobe Photoshop.

Lightroom, owned by the Adobe developer, is often predicted as the best application because it can turn ordinary photos into works like professional photography. On the Google Play Store, Lightroom is rated 4.3 stars and has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

In terms of editing tools, Lightroom has complete and professional features for modifying image details. Two excellent features of Lightroom are the Creative Cloud Photography Plan and the built-in camera. Creative Cloud Photography Plan allows you to synchronize photo edits to your gadgets.

While the built-in camera can be used to manage photos in terms of white balance, ISO, shutter speed, and more. Interestingly, you can also be free to create your own Instagram filter presets with Lightroom. This application also supports almost all photo formats, including RAW.

The Most Functional Apps for Professional Editors

Huji Cam

If you want to create an old vintage and disposable Instagram feed, no need to bother taking pictures using real old cameras, just use the Instagram HUJI Cam filter application, then the smartphone shots can appear like a camera.

The Huji Cam name skyrocketed as it pioneered the filter and editing application specifically for the style of disposable camera prints. This application was developed by Manhole, Inc., and has received 4.4 stars plus 10 million downloads more on the Google Play Store.

The Huji application is in demand because of its free and varied editing features. Its minimalist user interface makes it easier for new users to edit their photos as desired. Various photo editor apps will make your work easier. 

Canva: Photo Editing, Logo Design, Video Collage Maker

The last recommendation for the Instagram filter application is Canva: Photo Editing, Logo Design, Video Collage Maker belonging to the developer Canva. This application has millions of design templates, filters, and tools that make it the same quality as Adobe Photoshop. 

But of course, Canva is easier to use than Adobe Photoshop. With Canva, you can use millions of ready-to-use free templates to create an Instagram feed that is unique to the crowd. The templates on Canva are divided into a number of categories.

Such as holiday celebrations, professional business, cheerful atmosphere, elegant designs, and much more. With the help of templates, you can practically create a neat feed design. You can also add filters, text, or edit details on photos such as brightness, saturation, and more. 

It’s just that not all templates from Canva can be used for free. There are several premium features that can only be used by paying in advance. However, there are still a lot more Canva free features that you should try to beautify your Instagram feed.

The Best Photo Editor Apps for Your Instagram Feed

The Most Popular Selebgram Use These Apps to Beautify Their Instagram 

Pixlr-Free Photo Editor

Not much different from the previous Instagram filter application, the Pixlr – Free Photo Editor application by 123RF Limited offers many conveniences in photo editing to create an aesthetic Instagram feed. Pixlr is one of the editors’ choices of the Google Play version with 4.3 stars rating. 

Having complete tools, dozens of filters, and a simple interface for its users, Pixlr is an application that must be tried. The size of this application is quite small, so it won’t make your smartphone slow when used. Pixlr can also be used on smartphones, tablets, or PCs.

Prisma Photo Editor

You can also be creative in building a beautiful Instagram feed using an Instagram filter application called Prisma Photo Editor. This application, which belongs to Prisma Labs, Inc., is relatively new, but has successfully received 4.5 stars rating on the Google Play Store.

Prisma is simple and easy application to use for anyone. The concept of Prisma is similar to VSCO, which is a combination of photo editor and social media. So, you can create a profile and immediately share your edited photos with all your followers on Prisma.

Prisma is equipped with lots of free ready-to-use filters to make an aesthetic Instagram feed. One of Prisma’s top filters is Modern Art Filters, which can make your photos look like famous paintings by Picasso and Van Gogh. 

There are many other applications, but the ones that are quite popular are already mentioned above. Maybe you need some geometry settings in lightroom, but you also need filters in VSCO and effects in Lens Distortion. It is good to use various photo editor apps