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The Most Popular Video Editing Apps for Professional Vlogger

The Most Popular Video Editing Apps for Professional Vlogger

The vlogging phenomenon is now increasingly prevalent, therefore video editing apps are the most top searched application. This activity is popular on a number of platforms ranging from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. Some vloggers create them for entertainment, while others are a source of income.

Then, to make a perfect vlog, a vlogger must have two important elements, namely a camera and editing software for vlogs. Editing videos is an important element so that the videos taken become unified and more interesting.

The Most Used Application by Beginner Editor


The most popular video editing tools for vloggers using Apple products is iMovie. In this application, the user can perform several editing functions. The most commonly used editing functions are giving text to video or sound, adding animation and images in pictures. 

This software can do overlay task easily, so it is friendly for any beginner vlogger. The advantages of using this software are you can change your video speed in the certain part and trimming them. Also, you can add many animations that have been preset for the video.

Users can also quickly create trailers movies. The most important one is that users can do it easily, don’t need a length procedure. You just have to select what animation you would like to use then it will appear in your video.

Unfortunately, since the first time Apple released this application, they only provide them in Mac Operation System. Also, it is not applicable for advance-level editing as iMovie only working in the simple surface level editing. The application is priced at approximately USD 14.99 on the App Store.

Windows Movie Maker

This application has been around since the releasing of Windows XP. But Microsoft has undergone an update in 2012 and included it in Windows Essentials. Unfortunately, like iMovie it only provides basic editing features like trimming videos from start to endpoint. 

Then there is also a change in speed, from the slowest movement (0.125x) to the fastest movement (64X). Users can also choose from a variety of visual effects that are already in the video. The best feature is users can quickly record live video from WebCam.

Corel Video Photo

Like the two applications above, Corel Video Photo can only be used and installed on a PC / laptop device. This application is indeed simpler than Adobe Premiere Pro, but it does not have complete features.

This application is perfect for those of you who are learning and are starting to learn to edit videos. Corel already provides many templates that can be used to support your video editing. Starting from transition videos, templates for opening videos (intros), filters, to background music.

Video Editing Apps That Suitable for Windows and Mac

Filmora Video Editor

The app is available on Windows and Mac, which comes with some great inbuilt editing tools. The main highlight of this application is its simplicity, very clear intuitive interface, compatibility with almost all computer operating systems and fast processing speed.

Apart from that, the app allows users to freely import their favorite clips from a number of social media platforms. There are also advanced text editing tools such as color editing, fonts, and text and title animation. Finally, the app also provides users with a free trial version.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a professional-grade vlog video editing tool available for Windows. The best and special feature of this software is that it supports editing for 4K videos so it is very useful for high-end vloggers.

There are tons of effects built into the software and the Ultimate version as well. This app has support for removing unwanted distractions and improving audio quality. Also, unlike most video editing software, Pinnacle Studio has support for creating 3D videos. The application is priced at USD129.95.

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 13

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Suite 13 is a Vlog video editing software. Later, you will be presented with two-mode options, namely simple and advanced. In simple mode, you can do basic editing. You can do this basic editing quickly.

While the advanced mode allows you to make videos with several effects, compositing, and color-core selection tools to make it look more professional. This application is quite easy to use, even for a beginner editor.

The Most Used Application by Professional Editors

Final Cut Pro

If you want to edit great-quality videos or short films, you must try this application. This application is Apple’s proprietary application for editing great-quality videos. You can use Mac and they supports various formats which are used by camcorders and professional cameras.

However, users must have a Macbook Pro to edit videos using this application and it is quite pricy. This application is supported by smart applications, such as the Smart collection who will organize the video library. 

Then there are tons of effects and animations built into the software, so you can take advantage of them without creating new effects or titles. Final Cut Pro is quite a complex piece of software, so it is recommended to study the full tutorial before using it. 

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

The video editing apps for the next YouTubers are software that Indonesian YouTubers usually use when editing videos, namely Adobe Premiere. This one video editing software makes it easier for users to use it. The images can be prepared via Adobe Photoshop and effects prepared through Adobe After Effects. 

Adobe Premiere itself is one of the software products from Adobe Creative Suite. Adobe Premiere Pro is the video processing program of choice for professional people. So it’s only natural that this one software is perfect for YouTubers.

When described in a few words, this software is a very complete and powerful software. especially for the 2017 Premiere Pro CC, it supports lumetri color editing, Lumetri Color is an option for cinematic editors such as Hollywood films.

Several Youtuber Around the World Use These Applications

Vegas Pro 14

If you want to edit videos to use when uploading Youtube, then you can use the Sony Vegas Pro software. This software program is very suitable as a video or audio editing software. This software is also usually used by YouTubers from Indonesia.

It was originally released by Sonic Foundry but is now managed by Sony Creative Software. Sony Vegas Pro includes video editing programs that are NLE or non-linear. Where it allows for easy frame adjustment of digital video clips. In addition, you can access frames freely in this software. 

For film editors, this software is very easy to use. Youtuber Chandraliow also uses this editing software, maybe if you have to give your opinion personally, Vegas pro with Adobe Premiere are 2 powerful software to be used as editing software.

AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor software is one of the software used by YouTubers. Where this software allows you to be able to produce and edit a video. You can use this software when you want to cut a clip in a larger size.

Then you can combine various videos to produce a new video. You can edit existing videos and then capture videos on various devices, whether an external device is connected via USB or an internal device, such as a webcam.

But to choose the appropriate video application, you need to make sure what kind of vlog are you going to create. For example: If your vlog is basically travel-focused, then you don’t need software to add some animation.

On the other hand, if the vlog is focused on the news or entertainment industry, you will need a full-featured video editing software to add some animation. After that, you will know what is the most suitable video editing apps for you.