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Compare Video Editing Apps, KineMaster VS. Filmora Go

Compare Video Editing Apps, KineMaster VS. Filmora Go

Many people try to compare video editing apps nowadays. Using 1080 or flagship devices you can easily shoot great 4k footage with mid – range phones. Then, you can edit them right away with the help of many video editing apps on the play store.

But, one thing you should remember is that not every application is created equal. There are only a few excellent video editing apps that you can use, with KineMaster and Filmora being two of them.s

Compare Video Editing Apps, KineMaster VS. Filmora Go

Video editor is very useful in this modern era. It can help people for many purposes. For example, a film or video editor will manage material such as dialogue, footage, sound effect, special effect, and graphics so that the final video or film product can be produced.

Now, the editing process is not difficult. You can just download editor apps on your smartphone easily and learn how to use them. You can make great products and use them related to your desire.

A lot of useful features are packed by them, letting you edit videos on the go. But surely you want to know which of these two great apps is the best fit for your workflow. KineMaster VS. Filmora Go

First of all, let’s talk about what can a video editor gives you and what can you do with it. Of the two, the more powerful video editor is KineMaster because it includes almost everything you will find in a complete software.

And thus, you can use lots of different assets and layers for high – quality video editing. On the other hand, Filmora Go has far fewer features and aimed more at beginners which makes it a basic application that will help you get your simple edits out quickly.

Compare Video Editing Apps, Features

About features, there are several things you can do with these two apps. Both apps do a pretty good job of editing videos, but also have some limitations. Filmora Go is more than anything else. Not only its minimal interface but also the set of features available.

Filmora Go

When you compare for video editing apps, you will find that with Filmora Go you can add cool themes, trim videos, add transition, music, or adjust the aspect ratio. Apart from that, subtitles also can be added, overlays, filters, voiceovers, and other elements before export the video.

The playback speed can be adjusted and some basic adjustments can be made to the lighting in the video. Once done, your project can be created by clicking the save button and then publish it directly to one of the integrated platforms or save the video on your phone.


On the other hand, a lot more features offered by KineMaster to help you take your editing to the next level. Different layers can be added including videos that are clicked by the app itself or other videos from your phone.

The customize audio can be changed by clicking the audio button. A voice also can be added by clicking the voice button. Moreover, other assets can be added including filters, effect, animation, etc which can be directly downloaded from the asset store of KineMaster. 

Once the video being edited, you can choose the export bitrate and resolution which is another feature that is not provided by Filmora Go. You can choose a resolution up to 40k at 30 fps. It is marvelous if your smartphone can shoot 4k footage.

Compare Video Editing Apps, KineMaster VS. Filmora Go

App Size and User Interface

A bit of space will be taken by these two apps on your phone. The KineMaster is much bigger which size is 135Mb while the size of Filmora is just 75 – 80Mb. KineMaster has a double size and takes more space on your phone.

The first thing you might notice when using one of the apps is the user interface. Aiming for ease of use and simplicity, Filmora go provides you with a very minimal user interface that allows you to edit videos quickly on the go.

Filmora Go

You can edit videos in three simple steps by using this app. You just need to select a video, choose a theme, adds music, transitions, filters, and share. On the left side of its interface are access control, and a real – time overview can be seen in the center.


kineMaster has a more complex user interface and it is not that simple. On the right toolbar is the app’s main tools with a live preview in the middle and the timeline just below it that comes with support for layers. Tools that placed on the left toolbar is the additional tools.

surely the more user-friendly alternative is Filmora Go. However, a lack of features also comes along with a minimal interface. While KineMaster cannot be used easily but it is more suitable for semi-pro users.

Compare Video Editing Apps, KineMaster VS. Filmora Go

Ease of Use

It’s clear that Filmora Go is easier to use because of the minimal interface and not use too many features. Meanwhile, some getting used to will be taken if you sued KineMaster. But if you’ve worked with complete video editing software before, with KineMaster you will feel right at home.

Once you understand it and compare video editing apps, you might find Filmora Go a bit limiting. You will know that it is easy if you are a complete beginner. But, KineMater is not too difficult to understand either. And it comes 

Paid Features

All features have been mentioned above can be used for free for these two apps. But, animated outro and watermark also can be added in the free version of these video players to your edited videos.

By purchasing the premium version you can get rid of it and some access to some paid features will also be given which are not available otherwise. Both apps have built-in asset storage where additional effects can be purchased, and also animations, transitions, and more.

A Final Thought

About doing what they do, both apps are quite capable. KineMaster is offering a little more. If you have no experience before about working with a video editor, it is recommended to taking a look at Filmora Go. You can make great videos in no time, it is easy to use.

Conversely, if you are an experienced video editor and desire to have more granular editing control, try to check out KineMaster. It packs some important features you missed with Filmora Go and has a more familiar user interface as an important thing to compare video editing apps.