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Best Workout Apps for Men and Women

Best Workout Apps for Men and Women

The best workout apps will make your diet or healthy lifestyle program is much better than before. This kind of service is suitable for everyone, especially for those who don’t have enough time to go to a gym and so on.

However, the kinds of applications for a workout are a lot. Not all tools offer good things and can be suitable for your style. That is why; it is better to know about it first and then consider whether they are quite great or not.

Best Workout Apps for Men and Women

Nowadays, there are two apps for this purpose which is really standing out. They are compatible with various gadgets that you use. The names of those programs are Nike Training Club and Fit Girls Guide. Below is the explanation.

Nike Training Club (NTC) Best Workout Apps

You can say that it is the champion among all. From the beginning, users have been given the option. It is about what kind of exercise you want to do. That could be suited with the ability and the exercising habit.

It is whether you are the type who regularly exercises every day, 3 – 4 times a week, or just several times in a month. After that, users could simply choose the desired sports menu. The things there can be presented in visual form.

Those are in the form of image snippets, short videos, and explanations of the movements to be performed. NTC also provides a choice of levels according to ability. There is also a program, a sport that users can directly apply for one month.

1. Schedule the activities for a month

As the users of NTC, you are able to create a schedule of exercise for a month. It is simpler, especially if you don’t have too much time. The good thing is that this app is totally free. It means that the user doesn’t need to pay anything. 

The beginner level is also available. That exercise feels so comfortable and great in the body. There are some sports menus that require aids such as dumbbells, mats, kettlebells, and so on. That gives more fun while using this application.

Best Workout Apps for Men and Women

2. 4 Different Categories

Nike Training Club has four different categories that you can try. Those are the get lean, get strong, get toned, and get focused. Get lean consists of Become ideal consisting of high interval cardio training for more weight loss. Meanwhile, getting toned offers different things.

Get toned has the lightweight and intervals to add definition. Meanwhile, get strong is used for the increased weights and reps to build strength. The last one is “get focused”. That is 15 – minute workouts for targeting the specific areas.

3. The Different Level for Users

Besides the categories, this one of the best workout apps also has different levels that can be tried. Those levels are the beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The beginner is for 4 – 5 workouts for a month.

Intermediate is for 2 – 3 workouts in a week. Meanwhile, the advanced is for 3 up to more than 5 times workouts in a week. Users could start from the beginner level first to adapt to the exercise. Raise it when you are ready.

Fit Girls Guide or FGG

The review of this app has been made by so many sources since it is a great option. In this whole application, the only thing that users need is only their body; you don’t have to prepare any specific tools.

The good thing is that the sports or exercises which are done have been programmed by the expert team from FGG. Usually, you don’t need too much time to do the movements. It is a great choice for the beginner or experts.

However, this FGG doesn’t have timers to count the duration of a workout. You don’t need to be worried since it still has so many wonderful services and facilities. Below is a further explanation of the Fit Girls Guide.

1. The Healthy Food Recipes

Unlike some other applications for a workout, FGG has something else. The team prepares several delicious and healthy food recipes for users. There are also some workout menus that are suited to their abilities.

Unfortunately, the FGG team doesn’t give a clear example of every movement. You have to do the movement based on your thinking. However, don’t worry since all the movements are quite easy and simple to be practiced.

Best Workout Apps for Men and Women

2. Videos for Exercise

In fact, this app also has a lot of videos for exercising to watch. All of those videos are easy to practice. Everything can be done at home even without using any tools. The famous schedule that they have is 28 days to get a bikini body.

Well, mostly this app wants to direct you to buy an e – book. However, it doesn’t mind if a user doesn’t want to purchase it. The exercises that it has been complete and varied. Those are for your arm, booty, belly, and so on.

3. Only Available for IOS

Unfortunately, the Fit Girls Guide application is only created for IOS operating system. However, their developer promises to make the android version for this tool. That will be amazing if they really made it. 

To get the maximum result, you could follow the 28 – day food menu. That can be combined with the exercises every day. A lot of people who have already used this app say that they are really satisfied with the services and results.

Both of Them are Great

It cannot be denied that both of the applications above are great. Both are free to use and download. If you are an android user, the Nike Training Club is the best option since FGG is only created for IOS operating system.

NTC has more levels and categories where users can choose based on their ability. It means that you are able to start from the lower option. FGG doesn’t have it, but that app has a different thing than others.

Those are the exercise videos and healthy food recipes for their main 28-day bikini body schedules. Mix it with the workout to get the maximum results. Overall, those best workout apps are really recommended for all genders.