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The Coolest Smartwatch to Show a Masculine Impression

The Coolest Smartwatch to Show a Masculine Impression

It is not a mistake to consider buying the coolest smartwatch in the market. Nowadays, the smartwatch is becoming one of the most popular gadgets since it looks so futuristic. Besides, this device is also equipped with modern features inside. 

If you are a male, it is for sure that choosing a smartwatch that can express the masculine impression always becomes your first consideration. That masculine impression can be seen from various aspects such as the shape, color of the smartwatch, and etc.

As you know that this device is a trendy option. It can be a gadget and accessory at the same time. It becomes a lifestyle between the urban people in this recent era. You as a male may want to own this gadget for some reason.

The Coolest Smartwatch to Show a Masculine Impression

The main factor is to enjoy the features. Several features installed on this gadget can help and support your activities. Whatever your reason to buy a smartwatch is, it is always recommended to consider about the quality as well. It is so crucial.

The coolest smartwatch for Men

The cool smartwatch is mostly seen from its design and look. If you are a modern man, the modern design is the best option. It is usually made from silicone which is flexible enough to use. It will be different if you are a conventional man.

In that case, you can choose a classic smartwatch device. That gadget is usually looked like a common watch. You must know that usually the best one will be covered by gorilla glass on its screen. It has a beneficial function for that smartwatch. 

So, are you looking for a smartwatch with the masculine design? Don’t worry because there are so many options on the market. However, don’t forget to consider the quality too. Here are the lists of the great smartwatch with the masculine look.

1. Apple Watch

The first option comes from a huge and popular gadget brand. Yes, it is Apple. From the looks of it, the Apple Watch design is champion. Apple Watch also has an attractive interface as well as some advanced features such as health detection and payments wirelessly. 

This smartwatch equipped with Force Touch technology has several sensors, including a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. This device is dominated by the elegant black colors and high-quality screen to operate all the features there. You will love everything.

2. Moto 360 2

This second-generation Moto 360 is specially designed for men and women who love fashion. In fact, Motorola deliberately presents color variants, sizes, and styles that are suitable for men and women. This smartwatch is also designed to look elegant on your wrist.

Not only for the design, but Moto 360 2 also has several advanced features. Those are like a step counter, calories, and heart rate. In addition, this modern smartwatch can also receive various conveniences that are usually obtained from your smartphone devices.

The Coolest Smartwatch to Show a Masculine Impression

3. Samsung Gear S2 Classic

Just like Apple, Samsung is also recommended for any gadget items. The Samsung Gear S2 Classic is equipped with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 512MB RAM. The 4GB of internal memory, a 250mAh Li-ion battery, and the Tizen operating system are also used. 

In addition, the Samsung Gear S2 Classic is also supported with IP68 certified waterproof features, multi-sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and heart rate), and several other Tizen applications (S Health, Nike + Running, maps & navigation). The design of this smartwatch is also manly.

4. Garmin Vivoactive

Some of you may like the slim and lightweight smartwatch. If it is so, this device is the most recommended one. Garmin Vivoactive is the coolest smartwatch with an ultra-thin design. This smartwatch is also equipped with several sports applications for your activity.

Those are like running GPS, cycling, golf, and swimming. In fact, you can also view the statistics on the improvement of your workout results without connecting to a smartphone. You can say that it is a simple tool with complete features.

5. Samsung Gear S

This gadget is so amazing. It has a unique design, but with the high-tech features inside. From the appearance, it is so attractive. It is because the Samsung Gear S has a design with a curved Super AMOLED screen. That is why; it looks so futuristic.

In addition, this smartwatch has a 1.0GHz dual-core processor and 512MB RAM. It is also equipped with a 4GB size of internal memory. This watch with Tizen OS is also equipped with Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.1, and USB 2.0. It can enhance your look.

The Coolest Smartwatch to Show a Masculine Impression

6. Sony Smartwatch 3

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is the third generation smartwatch launched by Sony Mobile. This smartwatch is also very comfortable to wear, lightweight, and stylish. In addition, the Sony Smartwatch 3 is also equipped with several advanced features to support your daily activities.

Those features are like GPS, compass, accelerometer, and gyroscope. Overall, this watch is dominated by dark colors. However, it looks good since it presents the elegant and your manly side at the same time. It must be on your list.

Provide Sufficient Budget

Do you want your smartwatch to look more exclusive? Look for the special features embedded in it. For example, that device must have a fitness tracking device, alarm, and music features. It is especially if the smartwatch has notifications when there is an incoming call or message.

It is important especially since you are no longer need to check via a smartphone. Not only exclusive, but this feature can also help you do your daily activities. You cannot deny that an exclusive and high-quality smartwatch always has an expensive price. 

It is normal and reasonable since the company gives only the best materials. Besides that, they also use the latest technology for it. It is much better to buy a quality smartwatch at a fairly expensive price than the cheap one but not durable.Don’t forget to always consider its compatibility. It is better to choose a smartwatch that can be connected with your smartphone whether it is android or IOS. For another option, you can choose the coolest smartwatch which is made with a touchscreen display.

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