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Dusdusan, A Startup to Empower Housewives in Indonesia

Dusdusan, A Startup to Empower Housewives in Indonesia

These modern Kartinis have even succeeded in establishing startups, as well as holding the top leadership. One of them is Ellies Kiswoto, who is the chief executive or CEO of PT Dusdusan Dotcom Indonesia (Dusdusan).

The development of the digital world that is increasingly fast encouraging Indonesian women, or now called modern Kartini, to show more teeth in a career.

Armed with the ability and higher education to make women enter all business sectors, including the digital technology-based startup industry.

Dusdusan, A Startup to Empower Housewives in Indonesia

Dusdusan is a reseller community-based online wholesale startup. Ellies is no stranger to Dusdusan and the reseller community. Because, all this time he has been working behind the scenes from the first day this startup was founded, namely in 2014.

Ellies is the only woman who founded Dusdusan. Others currently holding roles at C-Suite, namely Christian Kustedi as chief operating officer (COO) and Fadjar Indra as chief financial officer (CFO).

Since its establishment until now, empowering women has been the focus of Dusdusan.com which has a practical and easy business model, because it focuses on household products, which are now expanding product categories to fashion, health, facial care (skincare), innovation stores, frozen food, and groceries.

Has Helped Tens of Thousands of Housewives in Indonesia

According to him, Dusdusan has helped tens of thousands of housewives, office employees and shop owners, in starting a business.

“I am proud to be part of a community knitted through hard work, never giving up, and always with a spirit of mutual cooperation. You are the real Kartini at this era,” said Ellies, Thursday, April 22, 2021.

Not only helping the economy, but Dusdusan also provides facilities, both in terms of platform infrastructure and self-development, which are expressed through pieces of training.

Dusdusan, A Startup to Empower Housewives in Indonesia

“Being a housewife is not an obstacle, but a motivation to encourage them to be successful and to continue to do more, accompanied by a positive mindset and behavior,” he said.

With its unique business model, Dusdusan offers business opportunities with no burden (no targets, no closing points, no uplines/downlines, no recruitment obligations, no need to stock items (can dropship), start your own brand/shop) to the public, especially mothers household.

Currently, Dusdusan has more than 130 thousand resellers and 3 warehouses (large warehouses) spread across Medan, North Sumatra; Bekasi, West Java and Sidoarjo, East Java.

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many people seek additional income. One of the efforts is to become a reseller or a person who resells goods from suppliers to consumers.

This phenomenon is a blessing in itself for the Dusdusan platform, which initially focused on selling a variety of household products. Starting from kitchen utensils and cooking utensils to home cleaning equipment.

According to Christian Kustedi, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Dusdusan, the number of resellers who have joined Dusdusan continues to grow until now.

Has Been Operating Since 2015

The number of resellers who have joined Dusdusan has been operating since 2015 because the system that this platform implement is not too rigid. For example, there is no minimum sales target and no downline system as is the case in multi-level marketing (MLM) systems.

Therefore, apart from employees who want to increase their income, there are also many housewives who try their luck by joining as Dusdusan resellers.

Dusdusan, A Startup to Empower Housewives in Indonesia

Dusdusan is in the middle of expanding the product categories that can be sold by resellers. So, not only household products. Currently, Dusdusan also offers several other products, such as fashion, beauty and health, as well as frozen food.

Dusdusan sells various product prices, depending on the type of goods. What is clear, starting from IDR 48,000 for household products, such as bowls and spoons, to products priced at IDR 1 million per item.

Dusdusan’s various online orders that come in from resellers will be completed in their three warehouses in Bekasi, Sidoarjo and Medan. Unfortunately, Christian did not elaborate on Dusdusan’s income this year or the projected earnings for next year.