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The Best Investment Apps for Beginner and Youth

The Best Investment Apps for Beginner and Youth

It is so interesting that the best investment apps are downloaded by so many people at the right time. Young people are now considering doing this action since it will be beneficial for their future. That also becomes a way of learning.

These applications really offer something new for the users. It is because you don’t have to save your money to a bank anymore. Besides that, these could be downloaded easily on several gadgets at the present time.

The Best Investment Apps for Beginner and Youth

Nowadays, there are some options that you can download. Some of them are trusted and professional. In fact, two apps are stand out where they could be the right preference. Here are those two reliable applications for investment.

Acorns are One of the Best Investment Apps

The first option is called Acorns. It is one of the most recommended options since it only requires a small capital. Users who have credit for about %5000 or less only need to provide the cost of $1 for investing.

Meanwhile, someone who has credit for more than $5000 will get a more competitive cost. It is for about 0.25% of the total amount of that credit. It becomes one of the reasons why people are interested in downloading Acorns.

Besides that, it also has some other interesting features and services. You can easily download it in your Android or IOS based. Those are like smartphones, tablets, computers, and so on. Below are the features from Acorns

1. Withdraw the Money Easily

Just like any other best investment, Acorns is also completed with the withdrawal feature. This is a crucial one since you could get the profit in cash money. With this one, users are able to withdraw money from the credit or debit card every month. 

The amount of money will be rounded automatically when the user is transacting with a credit card. This feature is easy to do. However, it is still recommended to know the detail of how to do the process properly.

The Best Investment Apps for Beginner and Youth

2. User’s Friendly Choice

“Acorns” is an efficient way to make it easier for you to invest. It has low-stress levels and automated. You can say it as instant applications. In addition, the app allows user to generate wealth without having to bother him

The way these app works is by turning the money around. For example, if you want to buy goods (online) for $5, Acorns will add up to $5.5. The rest of the money will then be invested in stocks or bonds that you own.

3. It Changes the Name

Acorns have a new name. It is called Raiz Invest. The company itself is originally from Australia and it expands the business all over the world. Raiz has become a game-changer especially for millennials in creating investing habits. 

Raiz application is suitable for anyone who does not understand the investment or does not know how to invest. You can say that it is recommended as a first try in investing. The good thing is that it is so reliable.

The Amazing “Stash” Investment App

The next recommended application for investment is called “Stash”. So many experts stated that this option is so good for beginners and also young people who want to start investing. It is easy to use and has so many features as well.

Stash is an excellent investment tool for beginners as it provides insight into how to build a healthy portfolio. This is the most important basis so that in the future users can invest healthily. You should try it.

One of its best features is that it lets you invest in industries that are supported. This is what makes many users feel happy when they are running the activity. Usually, investing feels better when you are emotionally involved in the right organization.

1. It helps someone finds the right company

Stash also makes it easy for you to find companies that do have good backgrounds and fit what you want. For example, companies that are environmentally friendly or that support the fulfillment of human rights.

The parameters used can be other entities that you want to support. Various types of companies are available there. This is one of the reasons why then many people choose to use Stash than other apps available today.

The Best Investment Apps for Beginner and Youth

2. Affordable and various different investments 

The Stash Invest application allows investors to start growing at a low and affordable cost. That’s only about $5. Not only have that, but Stash makes investing felt very simple and easy to do even for beginners. This is why many people recommend it. 

Stash Invest offers consumers up to 30 different themed investments to choose from. You can adjust everything based on risk and personal preferences. Through this online app, users are able to buy additional investments, diversify, and monitor the progress.

3. The Unique “Stash Retire” Feature

This feature is so unique and rarely made by other applications. It has a feature called Stash Retire. That is actually a retirement account option for users or investors. This option offers Traditional and Roth IDs.

Basically, it gives the same investment options you’ll find in Stash. Users can contribute up to the IRA Contribution Limit in a Retire account. That is why; it is recommended for users to try that one.

What to choose then?

It seems that Raiz Invest or Acorns app is the older one in the online market right now. Their company is well-known all over the world and they have a great profile. It seems that Raiz Invest can protect your investment properly.

However, that doesn’t mean that Stash is having a bad review. This new application also comes with some great features. The unique one is for sure their retirement account feature. Furthermore, it is affordable as well.

You could start to invest from $5. That is great for a beginner or young people for sure. However, the choice is yours. Overall, the best investment apps described above are really reliable and become the leader on the list.