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Quipper Releases Special Content to Help Students Face UTBK 2021

Quipper Releases Special Content to Help Students Face UTBK 2021

Entering 2021, the government through the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education and Culture together with the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) officially launched the State Higher Education Entrance Selection System in 2021. Seeing the needs of students, edtech startup Quipper released the contents of the Intensive Package to help students face UTBK and SBMPTN 2021.

Hanani Faiza, Content Manager of Quipper Indonesia, said that through this Intensive Package students could access not only preparation and stabilization material, but also discussion of questions and tryouts. Compared to the previous year, the newest Intensive Pack this time has a larger amount of content and material.

Quipper Releases Special Content to Help Students Face UTBK 2021

“UTBK SBMPTN this year will re-test TKA Science and Technology and Soshum, not only TPS like last year. Of course, this makes the material that students learn more and student preparation must be more mature to face exams,” said Hanani in a written statement on Tuesday (19/1/2021).

Therefore, said Hanani, Quipper prepared this Intensive Package which has gone through a series of processes and curation to help students face UTBK and SBMPTN 2021. This Intensive Package, when compared to the previous year, is said to have more content and materials.

This year Quipper will provide three times more tryouts compared to the previous year by using the IRT (Item Response Theory) scoring system which is equipped with a comprehensive question discussion.

Masterclass Package for Students

Apart from that, Quipper also offers a Masterclass Package which allows students to get access to Intensive Package content and direct questions and answers with Tutors and Coaches from Quipper Video Masterclass.

This Masterclass package has been equipped with a special study plan designed for students to explore topics that often arise and that students must master in UTBK. Ruth Ayu Hapsari, Business Development Manager of Quipper Indonesia, added that she hopes students can get full and directed support from the Coach and Tutor through the Masterclass Package.

Quipper Releases Special Content to Help Students Face UTBK 2021

“Masterclass is here so that students can be more focused in the preparation process of UTBK which is very crucial for Grade 12 students, especially since the time is only about 3 months away. With tutors, coaches, and study plans that have been specially designed for UTBK, it is hoped that students can get more preparation good again, so you can feel confident when you do the exam questions later,” said Ayu.

Quipper prepared stabilization material, preparation material consisting of all relevant high school materials, and discussion material containing 1,300 questions and 260 topics. This year Quipper will also provide three times as many tryouts as the previous year.

This is reflected in the enthusiasm of students who took the Quipper tryout in the previous year, which reached up to 65 thousand. The tryout provided this year has also used the item response theory (IRT) assessment system which is equipped with comprehensive and easy to understand questions.

Take a Free Talent Interest Test

Understanding that choosing a major is not just a follow-up with friends, Quipper Campus organizes ability-based and psychological tests that you can take for free.

Quipper Releases Special Content to Help Students Face UTBK 2021

“Still confused about your interests, talents, abilities, or potential? Find them all through ability-based and psychology-based tests, from Talent Interests Tests, Multiple Intelligence Tests, Learning Style Tests, and 9 other Quipper Campus Potential Test tests, for free!” wrote Quipper Campus via its Instagram account, Tuesday (19/1/2021).

Some of the tests that you can take include the Talent Interests Test which can be one of your solutions to convince yourself of your choice of college majors, the Learning Style Test to find out the most effective type of learning style, including the Best Campus Test for You.

In addition to free access, by completing the Potential Test from Quipper Campus, you will also get recommendations for college majors to the career that best suits your personality. For information and how to take the test, you can access the Quipper Campus page https://campus.quipper.com/tests.