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This Local Startup Helps Millennials Learn Stock Investment

This Local Startup Helps Millennials Learn Stock Investment

Currently, stocks are one of the investment instruments that millennials are interested in. This increase was in line with the number of young people working from home (WFH) during the large-scale social distancing (PSBB) period, followed by daily trading activities.

The interest of young people to invest in the capital market has increased. Data from the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), the number of investors as of November 2020 has increased 42% from last year. The increase was dominated by millennials.

As a novice investor, of course, there are still many difficulties faced in finding attractive stock recommendations. Some of these investors have special criteria in selecting shares, where usually the desired shares are BUMN shares and Islamic stocks.

But unfortunately, this phenomenon is exploited by stock recommendation groups whose only purpose is to create trading volume. This is used by a handful of individuals to reap profits from novice stock investors.

Without the experience and education of qualified knowledge, investors or novice traders tend to speculate using feeling, limited analysis or rely on subscribing to millions of recommendations per month.

Provides Features to Simplify Traders

Managing Director of Emiten.com, Vania, said there are still many traders who do not understand that opportunities will always exist so there is no need to force them for every trading day.

“We try to present features so that beginners can learn as well as reduce risk because there are different analysts. For example, analyst A recommends buying while analyst B recommends selling. Users here benefit from seeing both perspectives as well as learning from both analysts,” said Vania via her statement, Thursday (24/12/2020).

He added, in the future, the services built by this local startup will have many features specifically for traders to be able to determine the direction of the market from only one page, there is no need for charts or indicators because securities in Indonesia and other applications have provided this feature well.

To help novice stock investors invest in the capital market, startup Emiten.com continues to innovate by releasing new features. The new feature is the One-click Index category.

Denny Huang, CEO of emiten.com said that his party is here to help traders get direct and complete stock recommendations with a minimum of direct contact between traders and other traders and analysts with traders.

The One-click Index category feature can save you more time in searching for analysis results that match your preferences. To use this new feature, the user can pay attention to the top of the application’s main interface and the user will find an index category button that can be selected directly according to their preferences.

Denny said, with just one click and the results of the stock recommendation analysis, the categories will immediately appear according to the selected category index without the need to switch the page interface.

Available on PlayStore

That is why Emiten.com is here as a platform that brings together investors, independent and securities analysts, and public companies that will help capital market investors. For information, Emiten.com has been officially released on the Google Play Store. This platform presents a year-end promo of IDR 199,000 subscription for 12 months of access.

Various analyzes, both fundamental and technical, recommendations for Islamic stocks and BUMN shares, are presented in the application. Meanwhile, the founder of Emiten.com, Denny Huang, explained that his application has advantages that other trader applications do not have.

“Emiten.com has more insight into why we should choose this stock and what are the reasons behind the stock selection. You can see for yourself in our application, we minimize the interaction between investor traders so that all parties are not biased,” said Denny.

He admitted that the company is exploring cooperation with venture capital and several securities to make Emiten.com a platform that can help many Indonesians be more open to the world of stocks.