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ROG STRIX Hero for Every MOBA Player

ROG STRIX Hero For Every MOBA Player

Strix is one of the best series in the term of ROG flagship, and hence you can use the ROG STRIX Hero to play the game of MOBA, since the machine is specifically designed for the MOBA player. In the term of the visual design, this monster is just very intimidating, as the back of the laptop is scaled with dragon skin and the red colored blood.

The size is also quite big, so it is very efficient to play any moba games such as league of legends and dota. If you claim to be champion of moba, then you need to own the device. First of all, what MOBA player need is courage, fearless traits, and the most importantly, shallow key travel and also ultra fast responds, as well as numerous hotkeys that need to be clicked.

As you glide your way through the jungle and bash the unwary creep, the enemy hero can ambush you, and if you just so happen fail to respond and killed, that is when exactly you need the ROG STRIX Hero since it will give you a faster respond also more precise weapon to be used against your enemies.

This edition has a very shallow key travel which is less than 0.1mm, and hence you can rapid pressing the key, but you don’t have to worry about the breakdown of the board as the durability of each key has been pressed about 20million times per key.

This means that no matter how hard you press the key, it will be fine as long as you not pressing the key excessively. You can start tracking the key as well using the beautiful aura inside the keyboard provided with the ROG STRIX Hero.

Armed To The Teeth

MOBA is an intense games, requires the best computing device and also the stable internet connection to prevent the most heinous MOBA crime ever : lag. And just so happen, the best has both of them covered, as it armed to the teeth especially only for gaming.

The core is the 8th generation intel i7 core, which is also factory overclocked to the 4.6Ghz. And thus you don’t have to worry about the core very much when playing MOBA using the device in Asus ROG STRIX Hero.

The GPU is also one of the best ever produced, so that it can render the beautiful blood HD when your hero killed by phantom assassin’s critical. The power of the GPU is armed with the GEFORCE GTX 1050 and provided also with the dual NVME PCIE 256GB so that it can be enhanced even further.

The ROG STRIX Hero is truly fascinating in the term of the GPU, and hence you can trust your rendering capacity inside the device truly magnificent GPU. One of the most compelling feature is indeed the graphic card, since the MOBA will require an extreme capacity of tactical map reading, and the stuttering or the screen tearing will not help at all.

The only downside of the laptop is the feeble drive capacity, which is only about 1tb. But you don’t have to worry for at least two reason, as the first is, it is upgradeable, and the second is, you don’t need that big storage if you just want to play MOBA.

Since the typical MOBA game only required around 50GB per game, and having 1tb is clearly more than enough. The drive is the fastest firecuda, the latest as well in it’s kin, and so you don’t have worry at all about the data transfer speed.

Refresh Rate and Display Performance

Surely, the screen resolution and refresh rate are very important to be handled when you are playing MOBA, since it will be very troublesome as your hero getting slaughtered only due to the poor refresh rate.

The refresh rate of the screen is 120Hz and it means it can be refreshed automatically several times in only a fraction of seconds, and thus the ROG STRIX Hero will give you the crystal clear sight on the map, and hence you can devise an ingenious plan to lay waste to enemy hero with surgical precision.

The next thing is the screen resolution and quality of the picture. Normally, the picture of frame per second under the traditional non-gaming laptop is 60 FPs, but under the ROG STRIX Hero, you can quadruple the amount to 240 FPS, and hence you see the crystal clear picture, provided by the supreme frame refresh rate.

The quality of resolution is also beyond doubt, since it is 4k UHD, and therefore you can immerse yourself as you are getting pushed and your tower is getting destroyed in those nice UHD picture.

Say Good Bye To Lag

It is very easy to blame your utter lack of skill to the lag, but when you are using the ROG STRIX Hero, you will no longer be able to blame lag since the Ethernet gigabit will deliver the 1.7Gbps, and there will be no more lags.

Then you can finally accept that you are lacking in skill and hence need more practice rather than blaming it to the non existent problem. The coverage of WIFI, as well as the speed of it is around 30% wider and stronger, and therefore it will be very comfortable as well when you want to simply browse the internet and in search of better MOBA tactics with ROG STRIX Hero.

Lastly, the heat of battle is sometimes very intense, and you will not realize that you are using the device overly and thus overheating is imminent. But thanks to the advanced cooling mechanism, you can kiss overheating goodbye as it can efficiently reduce and stabilized the whole internal temperature.


MOBA is actually an intense games, and hence you will be needing the greatest device at your disposal for you to use to enhance your MOBA skill. The ROG STRIX Hero will give you the best experience in the term of the MOBA, and therefore is the best buddy against your opponent team.