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Best Artificial Intelligence Movies You Should Watch

Best Artificial Intelligence Movies You Should Watch

Nowadays, artificial intelligence movies are getting more and bigger in number. There are a lot of movies with this theme that inspire many programmers to create the same thing. As a result, we can now find real smart machines and technologies that seem to be beyond reality at first.

From the classic intelligence machinery to supercomputers with unbelievable operating systems, there are many things we see today as a resemblance of something we watch in movies beforehand. Metropolis is considered as the first film with AI theme. And this movie was released in 1927.

Up to now, there are more than 90 movies about AI and the number is believed to increase soon. If we count something like Star Wars and Transformers, the application of the interaction between machines and people in the movies may still need a long way to go.

Artificial intelligence movies are not created equal. They come from different stories. From telling the moral implications of AI to the friendship between people and machines, there are many interesting stories to be expected. Here are some of the must-watch movies about AI that you shouldn’t miss.

AI Movies in the 1920s to 1950s

It is true that the history of artificial intelligence films began many years ago. Metropolis is a must when you want to start your journey of AI movies. This Fritz Lang’s sci-fi film is considered as the foundation of a range of movies like Superman and Blade Runner.

This is known as the first serious sci-fi film that delivers us a variety of advanced machinery in groundbreaking visuals for its time. This is one of the artificial intelligence movies that inspire and mold many people’s attitude towards real AI creations we can see today.

In 1951, another great movie with AI theme was released. It was The Day the Earth Stood Still which was considered as one of the scariest sci-fi movies in the 1950s. This movie was released when there were no smartphones, laptops, or AI-driven devices. So, most of us didn’t take it seriously.

However, who knows that we can enjoy those amazing devices nowadays? The movie itself centers on the visit of aliens called Klaatu and Gort. They travel to warn humans on the earth because they are a threat to the other planets. They tend to destroy the earth if humans can’t learn to live in peace.

AI Movies in the 1960s to 1980s

2001: A Space Odyssey was a popular movie by Stanley Kubrick in the late 1960s. It is another progressive movie which addressed the potential of artificial intelligence we can see today. As one of the best artificial intelligence movies ever, this film remains a classic to this day.

In the movie, humans are fooled by their arrogance as they create the 9000 series of computer. The AI technology programmed into its memory makes it able to solve the problem and think like humans. But, humans don’t realize that this incredible technology can put them in danger.

In 1987, there was RoboCop, a movie about a police officer named Peter Weller who was murdered by criminals. However, he was turned into a cyborg with superhuman abilities. This film was inspired by Blade Runner and Judge Dredd. Here, Weller was transformed into a law enforcer in a steel suit.

Weller’s job was to clear out the streets and keep crime away. The conflict of this one of the most popular artificial intelligence movies appears when his memories as a human haunting him. He was a robot that was once human. However, after his transformation, he becomes a machine which is operated with artificial intelligence.

AI Movies in the 1990s to 2000s

This is the era when we begin to find a lot of movies with an AI theme. Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is one of the must-watch movies released during this time. This movie features Mike Myers who plays more than one roles as a bit goofy hero.

He has a mortal enemy named Doctor Evil. To kill Austin, the bad doctor sends Fembots to seduce him. Austin tries his best to resist their charms but ends up giving in because of a super sexy striptease. This one of the most interesting artificial intelligence movies have a plot twist in the end.

Moreover, there is also The Matrix which is released in 1999. This movie allows us to imagine what will happen if a human gets involved in the ideal universe of machines. In this movie, special agents are very powerful and they look somewhat like men.

However, they are powerful artificial intelligence programs. Their duty is to patrol the Matrix and hold back human rebellions. Their power makes them able to dodge bullets with lightning speed and punch through concrete walls. The future of mankind seems grim since AI enslaved them.

Artificial Intelligence Movies in the Present

Nowadays, we can find a lot of movies about AI as well. Let’s say something like Wall-E in 2008 and The Machine in 2013. Both of the movies are worth your time. Wall-E is a popular movie from Pixar. This hero robot cleans up the earth that has been abandoned.

Wall-E is no doubt one of the most fascinating artificial intelligence movies. It makes a great movie to watch with your kids thanks to the moral value it brings. In 2013, there is The Machine, an Indi British movie that centers on a computer scientist named Toby Stephens.

He develops a cyborg with incredible abilities for the Ministry of Defense. The machine is supposed to become a super soldier, but he turns out to do something like a human in the end. And the latest AI movie that is recommended to watch is Ex Machina. This 2015 movie is directed by Alex Garland.

In conclusion, many AI movies have inspired us to develop a variety of amazing machines we can see today. If you love sci-fi movies, you can consider watching some of the films above in your meantime. Finally, hope you enjoy these artificial intelligence movies!