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Easy Ways on How to Improve Productivity in Workplace

Easy Ways on How to Improve Productivity in Workplace

Understanding how to improve productivity in workplace is necessary. Whether you are designing an office for your employees or yourself, it is important to make it healthy and inspiring. It is because the right workplace design and decoration can promote better productivity, creativity, mood, and health.

If a workspace is disorganized or cluttered, your employees will find it difficult to get things done. Then, there will be a struggle to meet the company’s objectives. If you are a business owner, having a great office design for employees is important to accomplish success.

There are a lot of good reasons to create a great office design such as improved productivity, better security, boosted morale, and impressed clients or visitors. Improved productivity can mean more money created. Then better security can keep away accidents or other unwanted things in the office.

Now the question is: how can we improve productivity in workplace? Fortunately, there are some easy ways to transform your office into a place that promotes focus and productivity. Check out these following tips to pick up productivity, health, creativity, and energy in your workplace.

Use Color to Improve Productivity

According to color psychology studies, our body and brain can change when seeing particular colors. These changes have an impact on our creativity, productivity, stress levels, health, communication, focus, and emotions. For this reason, using the right color in our workplace can give lots of benefits.

First determine what’s most essential about how color influences you, your visitors, and employees. Color psychologist, Angle Wright offers a simple breakdown of the color effects on the mind. The primary color includes red, green, yellow, and blue. And each color has a different effect on people.

To improve productivity in workplace, you should know the way these colors work. Red is known to affect the body while blue can influence the mind. On the other hand, yellow can affect emotions, self-confidence, and ego. Then, green is considered to have an effect on the balance between the body, mind, and emotion.

Then, how can we use the colors properly to increase productivity in the workspace? If you are designing a workplace for mind-workers, painting it in blue is the best choice. Add a bit of orange to deliver a little emotion. If you create a workspace for designers or others who use creativity, yellow is perfect.

Choose the Right Furniture to Increase Productivity

Fashionable furniture probably seems nice, but you should remember to not go too trendy. Then, even the feel and look of your furniture are significant, ergonomic design is far more important. Consider learning more about a safe desk and chair options to prevent ergonomic injury.

To improve productivity in workplace, opt for a chair that can be adjusted in every way possible. Choose one that allows changing posture during working as well to reduce the risk of injury. It should have breathable fabric too. Do a little research to find the best ergonomic office chairs out there.

Consider these quick ergonomic checks: feet should be resting on the floor or a footrest, eyes 24-36 inches away from the screen. The monitor’s top should be at or below eye-level. A little reclined chair posture is ideal to diminish pressure on the spine and lessen lower back pain.

In addition to the choice of your furniture, you should place the furniture properly as well. To improve productivity in workplace and deal with your natural alert, it is better to place your desk facing the door. Thus, you can always see who is passing by or coming in.

Create a Break Area to Enhance Productivity

For better productivity, creating space for a break area will be a good idea. Even a narrow office can have a makeshift break area. For instance, you can simply place a comfortable chair close to the window so the employees can enjoy a bit of nature in between work.

A break area is important since a change of environment will make your body and brain spark more creative ideas. If you are designing for a big office, create a casual co-working space can be a good option. It will promote collaboration and inspire creativity. In the end, it can help improve productivity in workplace.

Nowadays, many startups even include game rooms and other spaces to have fun. If you are taking a tour to Google Headquarters, for example, you can see a lot of break areas that are beneficial for the employees. If your space and budget allow, consider adding something like that too.

You can include a coffee bar, cafeteria, and even gym room for the employees. It’s also a good idea to learn what your employees like and create a room to express that passion and hobby. This way, you’ve designed a workplace that makes your employees look forward to work.

Add Proper Lighting to Improve Productivity

The advantages of natural light are unquestionable. The exposure of natural light in an office can keep employees alert, happy, and focused. If receiving sunny exposure is impossible, to improve productivity in workplace, you can get a full spectrum light. Research top-rated light therapy options for the better.

Since bad lighting can result in fatigue, headaches, eyestrain, and overall irritability, it is important to invest in the right lighting. Dark spaces can even generate depression. To let natural light in, consider employing wide glass windows in your office. Using lamps in a range of areas can be a good option as well.

To improve productivity in workplace, you can also consider introducing live plants in your space. Indoor plants in workspace offer better air quality and promote a bunch of psychological benefits. Place the plants strategically to increase productivity. Some popular indoor plants include English ivy, aloe, corn plants, rubber tree, and peace lily.

In conclusion, designing your workplace carefully is important to increase overall productivity. There are some good methods to do such as employing the right color and introducing proper lighting. Now, you can use these tips to improve productivity in workplace and make the most of your employee’s performance.