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Top Gaming Experience with ROG G703

Top Gaming Experience With ROG G703

Gaming will never be the same again when you are using the ROG G703, as this is the perfect beast to eliminate the entire game heaviest spectrum which is the tear screen and stuttering. The spec, as expected from any ROG laptop is enormous and monstrous, as it will be able to slash any power consuming game such as nier automata and drift with ease.

Your experience will be extremely immersive using the device to play any game you wish.Overclocked intel core from 9th generation will be the main force not to be trifled with, as it will become the most important aspect for gaming.

The core is the latest and the most powerful core to date produced, and hence you will be able to play with great smooth and crisp. The visual animation also will become very impressive as the ROG G703 is equipped with 4k resolution, so the color will be enhanced and hence you can play the game with ease and comfort with great pleasure.

Gaming inside the ROG wills never been better with the in built optimization software as it will track the useless operation, shut it down, and then you can play the game faster and smoother. The power gaming device like this is a must have for every pro gamer.

Since it will enable to bring your gaming experience to the next level. The ROG G703 will become your best partner in taking out the heaviest games and also the most energy intensive games.

The Full Spec of ROG

We need to take a closer look to the full spec of the devices so that you can make a good comprehension about what this device could actually do. The core is intel i9 which is factory overclocked to 4.7 Ghz, making it extremely fast and able to take the heavy, high end AAA games.

The GPU is the RTX 2080 which is the best and latest of its kind, and comparable only to the high end, on board GPU used in PC.  Although not as extreme as its kind in CPU, this GPU is the ultimate GPU in the term of laptop socket one.

Those force are clearly to be reckoned with, and hence you need the intense and intelligence cooling mechanism, and hence that is what the ROG G703 will provide for you. The cooling mechanism of ROG is one of the best mechanisms invented by the manufacture.

Since it will be able to stabilize the temperature to prevent overheating even when using the device intensively. The cooling mechanism, along with the anti-dust system will ensure that your internal device is clean and also cooled so that you can continue on playing the game with ease. The fans is the intelligent dual fans design, which consumes only about 12v power, and it is enhanced by the quad outlet chassis meaning that it will be very sturdy but light.

The thickness of the entire fan is below 0.1 mm and is therefore very thin and does not take up much space on the ROG G703. The fans will also work as the anti-dust mechanism which will blow the dust to prevent the corrosive and also to make sure that the air can circulate freely inside the body.

Super Fast Data Transfer

Drive capacity and the data transfer is one of the most important things you need to take concern when you want to play so many games with your device. Currently, the typical game size already exceeds 100 GB and hence you need to have a very large and spacious drive at your disposal.

The ROG G703 understand this and hence it is equipped with the 32TB drive capacity, and also the latest data transfer mechanism which will allow the data to be transferred around 870mb per second.

But the data transfer rate will be highly varied throughout the data size and also type of it, as well as the health of the disk itself, so you will be better to keep your drive in tip top shape in order to be able to transfer your data with extreme speed.

The online data transfer is already covered with the gigabit 2.5 Ethernet and the intel gigabit WIFI making your online gaming experience uncompromised. The maximum speed of the internet provided with gigabit reached about 1.7 Gbps, and that is very fast compared to any other traditional internet connection.

Strike Fast and True With ROG Keyboard

Keyboard is also one of the most fundamental aspects in gaming, especially if you are playing online games which demands a surgical precision hand eye coordination, and hence the ROG G703 is equipped with the best and comfortable keyboard at their disposal.

The key travel is around 2.5 mm, and the 0.3mm curvature made your finger will not be getting tired fast. The key travel that shallow means that you can immediately click the keyboard the respond will be super-fast too.The keyboard is also accompanied with the aura or the background RGB lightning so that you can play the game and you can keep on typing the command with ease.

The design of the keyboard is also very ergonomic, meaning that you can keep on playing and don’t waste any additional energy in typing the command. There are also several hotkeys that you can utilize to make your gaming experience even wilder with Asus ROG G703.

What is more interesting is, you can customize the aura RGB in your keyboard, so that you can experiment the light to accommodate your need. If it’s too bright for you, then you can reduce the brightness, and vice versa. The aura RGB will have the practical use of guiding your hand and eye to press the correct key so that you can master your game even more.


Gaming is very intense and also entertaining, and you will need the right device to play the best games offered. And hence, the ROG G703 is the right device for you to use since the laptop is the gaming beast, and you can be master of the game using this laptop.