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Mamikos Startup Increases Boarding Occupancy by 75%

Mamikos Startup Increases Boarding Occupancy by 75%

Startup Mamikos claims to be able to increase the occupancy of boarding houses and temporary rental housing by up to 75%, even during the corona pandemic. However, this can be achieved after four months of joining the Singgahsini service. 

Singgahsini offers comprehensive property management from building maintenance, billing management to tenant complaints. The service, which has been present since 2019, is available in more than 240 boarding houses in 18 major cities in Indonesia. 

Co-founder and CEO of Mamikos Maria Regina Anggit said, with this service, the occupancy of two partners increased to 100% in less than five months. The two are Singgahsini Infinite Kos and Singgahsini Koen Kos which are located in South Jakarta.

Mamikos Startup Increases Boarding Occupancy by 75%

Several boarding houses in West Jakarta, South Jakarta and Yogyakarta also recorded stable occupancy increases of more than 70% after four to 12 months of joining. 

“The Singgahsini service focuses on service quality and comfort, so that residents feel at home,” said Anggit in a press release, Tuesday (15/6). 

Tenant contracts are managed digitally with an automatic billing system sent every month. They can choose payment methods such as bank transfers, digital wallets (e-wallet), credit cards, and others. 

Residents can also get Mamipoint which can be exchanged for a discount on the bill for the following month. With this integrated and automated system, Anggit claims that late payments at Singgahsini boarding houses can be kept at a minimum level. 

In addition, it ensures that the selling price is competitive and even increases periodically. This is because Mamikos relies on millions of market data on the platform.

Mamikos Presents Property Management Solutions to Increase Occupancy

Throughout 2020, Mamikos has helped hundreds of thousands of Mamikos Partners to continue to survive in the midst of the pandemic by providing a boarding house search platform that brings together boarding house owners and seekers. 

Towards a period of adaptation to a new life, where businesses and schools are slowly starting to reopen, Mitra Mamikos is required to be more strategic in presenting boarding houses that answer the needs of boarding house seekers.

Last April, Mamikos also launched Apik by Singgahsini. Partners can market services and take advantage of MamiService boarding facilities maintenance services.

Mamikos Startup Increases Boarding Occupancy by 75%

Anggit conveyed that Apik by Singgahsini targets partners in strategic areas in urban areas and has basic facilities such as twin beds, curtains, wifi, and other public facilities for boarding house residents. 

Mamikos provides training in increasing management capacity to operators and guards. Apik by Singgahsini also allows partners to manage property management such as monthly business performance reports, property branding, marketing with attractive visual content, and customer service.

Co-founder and CEO of Mamikos, Maria Regina Anggit, said that for most of the renters who are migrants away from their families, boarding houses have become a second home.

“For this reason, it is important for Mamikos Partners to pay attention to proper boarding management, especially in this era of adapting new habits with safe, comfortable, and reliable Mamikos quality standards, so that boarding house residents can feel more secure and comfortable,” she said.

The Services are Expected to Provide Convenience to Partners

Apik’s services can provide easy access to assist Mamikos Partners in running their boarding business effectively, efficiently and productively, as well as opening opportunities in utilizing marketing channels that are in accordance with the target market.

Mamikos Startup Increases Boarding Occupancy by 75%

Anggit added, Apik by Singgahsini is intended for Mamikos Partners who are located in strategic areas in urban areas and have basic facilities in boarding rooms which include bed mattresses, curtains, and wifi as well as basic public facilities for boarding house residents. 

In addition, Mamikos also provides training in improving management management capacity, such as training for boarding operators and boarding housekeepers so that they can assist Mamikos Partners in running their business by implementing professional services.

It will help boarding house owners and managers to increase the occupancy of their boarding properties, develop the potential of boarding business income to the fullest, and create a better boarding house tenant experience so that boarding houses have good retention and loyalty.