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Kemanayo Offers Traveling Facilities while Looking for Additional Income

Kemanayo Offers Traveling Facilities while Looking for Additional Income

Kemanayo’s CEO, Rizal Azhar, expressed optimism about Kemanayo’s performance even though he is still relatively young.

In the midst of sluggish tourism due to Covid-19, Kemanayo is here to become a digital travel service that offers a new approach.

The startup created by the nation’s children is present as an application and website to help travelers make trips and vacations easier.

Kemanayo was launched at the end of January this year, precisely in the midst of Covid-19. However, the community enthusiastically welcomed the birth of Kemanayo. The users continue to grow and increase even though the travel situation is not possible. 

Kemanayo Offers Traveling Facilities while Looking for Additional Income

“This is because people are more aware of local destinations and also find out what to do. they have to do when they travel to a place at a time like this,” he said virtually at the Kemanayo Launching Media Gathering, Tuesday (15/6/2021).

Rizal also said Kemanayo was present as a liaison and accelerator to synergize contributions from various stakeholders in the tourism industry.

Uniquely, Kemanayo plays a role as a bridge between information, data and market demand through the knowledge of local communities or travel contributors who are a source of information for destinations that have not been exposed at the regional level.

So, people who are contributors can promote tourist destinations or interesting ways to travel in their area. Reviews from contributors that have been compiled into a travel guide, they will earn 50 percent if they are successfully sold.

“The presence of Kemanayo will have a social impact and economic growth in each tourist visit area. We also participate in efforts to revive the Indonesian tourism industry after the pandemic,” said Rizal.

Make Itinerary Easier through Kemanayo

Before the digital era became more and more widespread, making an itinerary or travel plan might feel inconvenient due to limited information. 

Meanwhile, since the current digital era, there is so much information and it is easy to get. However, the information is scattered randomly and partially on various websites, as well as social media. 

This creates its own difficulties for travelers to get the desired itinerary. But travel plans are also now enough in the grip of a cellphone. 

Kemanayo Offers Traveling Facilities while Looking for Additional Income

Namely through the Kemanayo platform, an itinerary marketplace that provides a wide selection of comprehensive and personalized travel plans.

The website and mobile app-based platform provides products in the form of various itineraries with complete travel guides, built-in digital maps, as well as details of activities that can be done, as well as recommendations from travel contributors regarding what are fun and mandatory things to do.

Providing Interesting Information for a More Personalized Vacation

For social media lovers, Kemanayo also provides additional information such as Instagenic photo spots to tips and tricks that can make them exist even more.

“Kemanayo offers unique and personal travel trips, where each itinerary option available on the platform is created thematically by travel contributors who are travel enthusiasts, tour guides, MSMEs, to local people from each destination,” said Director of Kemanayo Rizal Azhar in online press conference, Tuesday (15/6/2021).

Kemanayo categorizes the available itineraries thematically according to the traveler’s interests, such as culinary, history, sports, outdoor, to instahunt. 

Kemanayo Offers Traveling Facilities while Looking for Additional Income

Rizal gave an example, for bicycle lovers, they can get exciting and anti-mainstream riding routes. “Or for K-Pop fans, you can also get a K-Pop-themed itinerary,” added Rizal.

In line with that, the Coordinator of Digital Economy Governance II Kemenparekraf Muhamad Tidar Hetsaputra also said that in order for the Indonesian tourism industry to recover, different innovations were needed and in accordance with current trends.

“Indonesia’s tourism potential is very large, with innovation and application of technology, in the future it will grow a digital ecosystem which I hope can unlock all the potential of Indonesian tourism,” said Tidar.

According to him, the rise of tourism must be in line with economic growth in their respective regions, especially the MSME sector.