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Homecoming is Prohibited, Traveloka and Tiket.com Rely on Staycation

Homecoming is Prohibited, Traveloka and Tiket.com Rely on Staycation

Startups that provide digital-based travel services, aka online travel agent (OTA), Traveloka and Tiket.com rely on staycations or have a vacation near home this Eid this year. This is because the government has banned homecoming during May 6-17.

VP Marketing Transport and Financial Services Traveloka Andhini Putri said requests for a refund or refund increased the impact of this policy. However, it did not specify the amount of the refund request increase.

“There has been an increase in refund requests. This is in line with government policies regarding the ban on going home,” he said, Thursday (6/5).

Homecoming is Prohibited, Traveloka and Tiket.com Rely on Staycation

Meanwhile, in last year’s Ramadan, Traveloka recorded a request for a refund of 12% of the total homecoming tickets that have been ordered. The reason is the same, namely the government prohibits going home to reduce the rate of transmission of the coronavirus.

This year, Traveloka has anticipated the possibility of a surge in refund requests ahead of Eid. The unicorn created a notification system on the platform in the form of ‘Important News’.

Users will get a pop-up message that appears on the flight ticket search page. “The goal is to socialize government policies regarding homecoming,” said Andhini.

Traveloka also provides a special page in the form of a ‘Safe Travel Page’ containing information about travel requirements during Eid, both for air and land transportation.

The company also prepares a schedule change system on the platform. “It can be processed and completed immediately after the transaction,” he said.

Provide Promos to Encourage Transactions

On the one hand, Traveloka is also intensifying promotions to encourage transactions. “This is to help partners keep moving the wheels of the business,” he said.

One of the promos provided is the Traveloka EPIC Sale in the form of discounts on travel services, accommodation, and others. This Unicorn also provides food delivery services through Traveloka Eats.

In addition, Traveloka relies on staycations during this year’s Eid holiday along with the ban on going home. The staycation trend has indeed become one of the factors driving the recovery of Traveloka transactions, especially in Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Homecoming is Prohibited, Traveloka and Tiket.com Rely on Staycation

Based on last year’s Traveloka survey results, as many as 30% of consumers want to travel again. Meanwhile, 38% of people want to stay at hotels outside the city or staycations.

Tiket.com’s Public Relations Manager Sandra Darmosumarto also relies on a staycation during this year’s Eid. “People choose to vacation near home or staycation,” he said.

Just like Traveloka, Tiket.com is actively holding promotions to boost transactions. From April 26 to May 6, Tiket.com has a Hari Raya Ticket (THR) program in the form of a 50% + 25% discount for all products.

Tiket.com has also prepared various “ngabuburit” activities at home through To Do Online. “Customers can find a wide selection of online activities such as online classes and seminars, online film premiere gala, popular podcasts, or live streaming tickets to watch special shows of favorite artists,” said Sandra.

Supporting Government Efforts to Solve Pandemic, Traveloka Holds Vaccination in Yogyakarta

On April 26-30 2021, Traveloka, has opened the operation of the Traveloka COVID-19 Vaccination Center located at the Jogja Expo Center (JEC).

This facility was inaugurated by the Governor of Yogyakarta, conveyed through remarks by the Deputy Governor of Yogyakarta, Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Arya X, and Sandiaga Salahuddin Unoas the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Homecoming is Prohibited, Traveloka and Tiket.com Rely on Staycation

In collaboration with the DIY Health Office, the DIY Tourism Office and the DIY Education, Youth and Sports Office, the COVID-19 Vaccination Center has exceeded the vaccination target which originally amounted to 7,500.

This facility serves 8,080 Yogyakarta residents, consisting of 4,086 elderly people, 2,748 tourism workers and 1,246 teaching staff.

This achievement stems from a good collaboration with various stakeholders, a concrete example of a public-private partnership, and the use of technology through the Traveloka platform to ensure a smooth registration process.