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Jokowi Assigned Johnny Plate to Build Startup in Indonesia

Jokowi Startup Indonesia NasDem Johnny G Plate

After meeting for over an hour, a politician from National Democratic Party (NasDem), Johnny G Plate, revealed what is the meeting with President Joko Widodo all about. He revealed discussing startup and data security in the ranks of Jokowi’s second ministers.

Johnny said that the meeting took place to the point and talked about the unicorn and decacorn startup business. “It’s regarding the current needs of Indonesia. Not much is said but focused on several things, such as how to build a good business startup, unicorn, decacorn,” he said.

They talked as a whole about the industry related to information technology that was currently developing. Furthermore, they also talked about regulations related to national data that need to be protected in the meeting which took place at the Presidential Palace.

Not only that, but he was also asked to develop and process a data bank in Indonesia. Protection related to personal information data is also discussed. This issue is also related to the protection of personal data which must be quickly carried out.

Indonesia President Is Very Concern about the Development of Startups

Johnny also explained that the President is now very concern about the development of a startup business in Indonesia. “Now the President is very concerned about personal data and big data, the development of business startups,” he said after the meeting at the Presidential Palace.

He was also asked to maintain communication with the public. The goal is that the policies that are created later can be conveyed properly to the community. Such tasks are closely related to the Minister of Communication and Information. But, he was reluctant to mention the task he entailed tomorrow.

“There is no mention of the portfolio. So, the president will deliver it later. Because the discussion was not related to his portfolio but the president’s direction regarding Indonesia’s current needs,” he explained. Regarding national digitalization, the President did not mention it specifically as well.

“Related to national digitalization, Mr. President did not mention specifics. Thus, I need to anticipate by moving quickly to deliver to the future,” he said. Johnny added that Indonesia needs digital in the future because if Indonesia is absent it cannot become a winning nation.

When considering the description Jokowi has assigned to Johnny Plate, it is assumed that his role should a Minister of Communication and Information. This role previously held by Rudiantara in the cabinet period of 2014-2019. Meanwhile, another important figure in Indonesia’s startup business was also called to the palace.

Go-Jek’s Founder Also Met the President at the Presidential Palace

Nadiem Makarim, a founder and CEO of Go-Jek also came to the Presidential Palace on the same day. He is known as one of the prominent figures in the development of startups in Indonesia since his company becomes one of the decacorn startups.

He was signed to become a minister candidate of Jokowi’s cabinet. “I feel it’s my honor to join the cabinet and I accept it,” he said. For this reason, Nadiem resigned from Go-Jek. Thus, it means that Go-Jek needs to find a new CEO once Nadiem becomes a minister.

Regarding this issue, Piter Abdullah, an Economist and Research Director of Research Center of Reform on Economics (Core) considered that the appointment of Nadiem Makarim as a member of the cabinet became proof of appreciation for the startup business in Indonesia.

“This is not only about GoJek, but also for a digital business or startup as a whole,” Piter explained in Breaking News. He also said that it is an award for a startup business that is growing so fast in Indonesia. “This is an award and recognition,” he concluded.