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A General Guide to Building a Startup


Building a startup is daunting and very exhausting, and hence there is no easy way in building it. Among many people that have successfully created the startup are very tiny compared to those who tries, and hence it will need a very detailed and carefully planned action on the daily basis in order to create a successful and thriving startup. There are many people who are eager to build the startup today in all over the world.

A General Guide to Building a Startup
A General Guide to Building a Startup

The cause of this boom is the development in the technology and internet sectors, which enables them to create their own startup or businesses, as the infrastructure are within grasp. But due to this affluent condition, many people underestimate the complexity of Building a startup, and hence they fall and goes extinct. Hbaere are several thing you need to think about when you are about to start a business from scratch.

The General Principle

In business, there is a thing called the general principle, which is several thing that without it, any business will never become reality. Startups or business are merely the same, and hence they will need almost identical approach in building it. It is not easy and hence you need to pay attention to the whole scheme of it.

A General Guide to Building a Startup
A General Guide to Building a Startup
  1. Identify the problem

Regardless of business that you want to create, it need to follow the general principle which is, it need to solve a very crucial problem.no matter how large your capital has gone through the business, if it fail to tackle the most serious problem, then people will simply ignore it. Take the case of pets.com for example, as the company has raised millions of dollars via venture capital, but did not survive as the startups are failed to identify the main issue concerning pets.

  • Validate the idea

Idea won’t sell itself, and hence you need to sell it to obtain exposure and hopefully funding. The idea validation must follow through the self-criticism and also the public test to acquire input or critics. Using the tool such as google analytic and also survey centre will be very helpful at this stage. You need to validate your idea otherwise people simply will not compel to purchase yours.

A General Guide to Building a Startup
A General Guide to Building a Startup
  • Monetize

Idea won’t make you rich, but the action to monetize and exploit the idea will. This is a very complex phase in which you need a a lot of team to achieve the goal. You need business plan, marketing plan and so on in order to start generating income from Building a startup.

Be a Perpetual Learner

There is no such thing as permanent in business, as the creative destruction happens all the time. You need to keep learning from a more mature business, or join the startup incubation community in order to be able to keep on growing your business. After all, your business will be eventually disrupted and hence you need to anticipate such occurrence in order not to sink. You also need to read more material and research some more which can take up to weeks even years to complete.


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