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Building a Startup for Beginner


We entered the era of startups hype, especially in the age of cryptocurrency and many other infrastructure in which supports the whole Building a startup ecosystem. You need to make sure that you need what it takes in order to be able to create successful startups, and hence you need to learn a lot. The main issue is underestimating the complexity of startups itself, and that will become your main downfall if things are going unchecked.

Startups or business shared some common traits, and hence you need to become master of business if you do want to Building a startup successful. Money is not the main issue and prerequisite, and planning is, and that is one of the most important thing you need to do when you are about to start your own business. You also need to strategize with your small team in order to scale up your business further down the road.

Building a Startup for Beginner
Building a Startup for Beginner

Crypto Based Startups

Startups do not necessarily build upon the cryptocurrency, but the crypto based startups are the perfect example on how you can see the fluctuation and also the rise and fall on the entire startup ecosystem.  Their idea is very unique and disruptive, and in fact the disruptive traits is a must be traits in which you can find them in every white paper concerning their business. Here are some traits you need to know about such startups.

  • Disruptive

The main idea of crypto based startups is to make things faster, easier and cheaper. Consider this example: a crypto based startup focused them to make an online dental doctor appointment, in which they can consult their teeth online using some apps, and pay them using the currency that has been provided there. Such idea is very unique and does indeed make things faster, as the queue in offline dentist will take hours to complete.

Building a Startup for Beginner
Building a Startup for Beginner
  • Specific

One of the thing that will become the main issue in Building a startup is market acquisition, and we mean here is that business does not necessarily have to sell their product to all of the man. The startup is actually very specifics in their market, especially since the infrastructure is very narrowly available to a certain groups, namely the tech savvy and young people.

  • Selling idea

Idea does generate money, and that what is happening inside the startup based on crypto. First of all, they will sell their token, and by that they can obtain money from the public. Such scheme is quite common namely the crowd funding, and has become one of the most effective way in selling your ideas.

Building a Startup for Beginner
Building a Startup for Beginner

Materialize The Idea

There is one major thing that eventually will hinder any startup founder, in which they are having some difficulties in materialize their vision. This is why you will need some team in order to achieve the target and the goals to make your business become a reality. You will also need to keep on learning and also selling your vision repeatedly to the investor and your shareholder when Building a startup.  


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