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Startup Digitels Offers Smart Hotel Service Solutions

Startup Digitels Offers Smart Hotel Service

Digitels, a technology-based smart hotel service provider, has just announced a series of solutions for tourism industry players affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the hospitality sector.

Jeremy explained, Digitels as a startup created by the nation’s children, provides technology-based accommodation services with a digital 4.0 ecosystem as a whole, and is ready to help “turn” ordinary hotels into smart hotels.

“Digitels is here to support the recovery of Indonesian tourism, and especially Bali by providing technology-based accommodation services with a digital 4.0 ecosystem,” explained Jeremy as the Co-Founder of Digitels, in his official statement, Tuesday (15/6/2021).

Startup Digitels Offers Smart Hotel Service Solutions

He added, “One way to do this is with Internet of Thing (IoT) technology installed in various hotel facilities so that it becomes a smart hotel.”

Seeing that the solutions offered are still relatively new, Digitels created an exhibition containing a complete scheme of solutions offered in Bali. 

Their solutions have also been implemented directly, one of which is at the Signature Seminyak Hotel in North Kuta, Badung.

Digitel offers the concept of smart hotel conversion through the Digital E-System. The installation of their ecosystem is claimed to be practical because building owners do not need to replace all equipment and furniture, including existing software.

Carrying the SHC (smart hotel conversion) concept, the Digitels E-system can turn hotels, apartments, condotel, offices and private homes into a smart 4.0 ecosystem based on IoT (internet of things).

“Hotels can be smart without having to change hotel equipment, except for hotels that still use manual keys. The Digitels system (hardware and software including IoT) can be installed for all hotel classes,” said Jeremy.

Digitels Already Used in Bali

Currently, Digitels services have been used in several Indonesian hotels, one of which is in Bali, the Signature Seminyak Hotel in North Kuta, Badung, which has used a full service package.

“The company is targeting hotels in Bali to use our services and currently several hotels are in the preparation stage for installing our system,” said Jeremy.

Despite having a sophisticated smart hotel system, Digitels does not sell its system to hotels. The company chose to lend it to the hotel owner/management in the form of a complete system with equipment for USD 1,000 (equivalent to almost IDR 15 million).

Startup Digitels Offers Smart Hotel Service Solutions

The hotel owner/management only needs to pay a system loan fee of only IDR 5 thousand per room per night.

“We lent a tool for US$ 1,000, and only paid IDR 5,000 for one room per night. This is the price of a pandemic. But we charge a security deposit of only IDR 2.5 million and can be repaid several times until a room is filled,” he said

Take Advantage of Big Data

The operating system is also supported by Big Data facilities that will help the management save budget significantly. 

With a win win solution, Digitels will provide a solid database for each hotel owner (1 hotel 1 database) along with supporting systems including:

1. 4.0 Smart Booking Channel Manager.

2. Smart Housekeeping System, Smart Check IN/OUT System and Smart Reservation System.

3. Point of Sales (POS) System.

4. Accounting and Finance System.

5. Digitels has an E-Wallet that is connected to official payment gateways, such as GoPay, OVO, Dana, and online virtual banking in Indonesia.

6. Meanwhile, for reservations and reservations, Digitels has collaborated with Online Travel Agents (OTA), such as Agoda, Airbnb, Traveloka, Pegi-Pegi, Tiket.com, etc.

Startup Digitels Offers Smart Hotel Service Solutions

After the installation of “smart digitels brain”, every room facility will operate with an IoT system starting from door access with apps, Face recognition, QR code scans, air conditioning facilities, lights, television, audio, and curtains.

Users only need to install the application on their phone, then they will get access from making an online reservation, checking in, staying overnight until leaving the hotel (checking out).