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getKupon Wants to Facilitate Coupon Purchase Using NFT and Blockchain

getKupon Wants to Facilitate Coupon Purchase Using NFT and Blockchain

Aims to provide new options through blockchain technology and NFT (Non-Fungible Token), a platform that provides digital coupons and vouchers called getKupon officially launched in Indonesia.

getKupon Wants to Facilitate Coupon Purchase Using NFT and Blockchain

Founded by Arlinda Juwitasari, Reza Primasatya, Puja Arsana Sujana, and Septiyan Andika, the platform offers NFT in the form of coupons or vouchers created by merchants.

GetKupon co-founder Arlinda Juwitasari revealed that the platform wants to offer a fairly mainstream service and product selection. Starting from buying coffee at coffee shop chains, tattoo artists, and many more.

Although currently NFT is still mostly dominated by gamers and other related industries, through getKupon they want to offer new users new choices, transactions are safe, comfortable, and easy to use crypto.

getKupon Wants to Facilitate Coupon Purchase Using NFT and Blockchain

Want To Develop IDR Payment Options

For now, getKupon still uses the United States Dollar Tether (USDT) option to make transactions. The process mentioned by Arlinda is indeed quite difficult for users, especially new users.

But next month they have plans to launch an IDR option. The way it works is also easy, by accessing the getKupon platform, users can choose to choose coupons and make transactions.

The redemption process is done by scanning the QR Code at the merchant outlet. With coupons in the form of NFT, transactions between merchants and users are also more accurate and faster because they are validated by smart contracts.

“Everything has been adjusted to the smart contract, later the blockchain will provide notifications of successful transactions. All these processes are fairly fast and easy, only about 15 seconds,” said Arlinda.

To facilitate the transaction process, users can also link their respective wallets with getKupon. In this case, getKupon does not limit what types of wallets can be integrated with the platform.

There are wallets such as Metamask and Transwallet that are widely used by users on getKupon. For merchants themselves, all of these processes can make it easier for them, especially if the merchant has more than one outlet.

All transaction processes are carried out separately, based on transactions at each outlet. Merchants who have joined getKupon at this time are Kopi Oey and Damantraz Tattoo Studio.

Currently, many business owners are also interested in implementing blockchain technology into their business. However, there are still many of them who find it difficult to get access to the option to integrate this technology into their business.

“In the future we will also add other merchant options, not only F&B and tattoo artists, but also fashion, ticketing platforms for online/offline events. and many more,” said getKupon co-founder Reza Primasatya.

For users who have made a coupon purchase but haven’t used it yet, getKupon also offers a cashback return to their wallet. So that no coupons are forfeited as is often the case with conventional coupons.

The monetization strategy implemented by getKupon is revenue sharing with merchants from each redeemed coupon and cashback from coupons that have expired.

getKupon Wants to Facilitate Coupon Purchase Using NFT and Blockchain

Pre-Seed Fundraising Plan

GetKupon is currently exploring the pre-seed stage of fundraising. Arlinda was reluctant to mention further who the investors involved in this round of funding were. However, if it goes according to plan, the fundraising will be final in the second quarter of this year.

If later fresh funds have been pocketed, getKupon wants to acquire more merchants, users and develop products that are relevant for users and merchants.

To expand the existing ecosystem, getKupon also wants to collaborate more widely with merchants, blockchain players and players to other related parties. So that they can grow together offering the application of blockchain and NFT technology to the general public.

“Education to users is still a challenge that we face. For that we want to focus on carrying out this activity, so that more users understand the process of buying coupons using blockchain and NFT technology at getKupon,” said Arlinda.