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Terampil Bridges Professional Trainers and Users in One Platform

Terampil Bridges Professional Trainers and Users in One Platform

Having just rebranded in August 2021, the online training platform Terampil claims to experience positive business growth. Terampil Founder & CEO Amrullah Azmy said his startup wants to help users get integrated training classes, from the material side to communication with trainers and other users.

Terampil Bridges Professional Trainers and Users in One Platform

“In general, platforms that offer technology and services similar to Terampil are more focused on speech, but at Terampil we do role play and have material that is demonstrated directly by the trainers.”

Terampil provides seven training categories. Among them are Personal Foundation, Business Foundation, Marketing & Branding, Sales, Operation & Technology, Finance & Accounting, and Human Capital.

For users who are just starting to enter the world of work or young professionals who want to know what aspects must be developed to improve their careers and want to know their profile briefly, they can take a free short assessment at Terampil. Currently, there are around 124 modules on the platform.

“Not only soft skills and hard skills, but Terampil also offers technical skills for users. Previously, we first set the existing curriculum according to market needs, but we also received requests from users before we finally launched the curriculum,” said Amrullah.

Terampil Bridges Professional Trainers and Users in One Platform

Terampil’s Monetization Strategy

For the monetization strategy, apart from providing free video access options for new users, there is also a quota that they can choose from. Among them are bronze, silver, and gold packages. The prices offered start from Rp. 95 thousand to Rp. 495 thousand.

For payment options also provide all available payment options with their strategic partner, namely Midtrans. There is also a payment option using DANA. Since the beginning, the company has focused on the B2C segment.

“However, in the last month we have started working on the B2B segment. Most of our users are in Jabodetabek. However, Terampil has also spread to Semarang, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Palembang,” said Amrullah. Similar platforms that offer services like Terampilinclude Rolmo and ProSpark.

Terampil Bridges Professional Trainers and Users in One Platform

Hybrid Learning Method

Apart from having trainers from national and multinational companies in Indonesia, Terampil also has trainers from the general public who have good skills and experience.

However, to ensure that the trainer is included in the criteria, a strict curation process is carried out by the team. Currently, there are around 98 trainers who have joined.

To provide more integrated solutions and services, Terampil applies the hybrid learning method, combining Intra-Active and Inter-Active learning.

Intra-Active method is designed to encourage learners to be more active in increasing their capacity, while Inter-Active is a method that allows them to play an active role in interacting directly with other users and trainers in Discussion Forums and Live Q&A.

This text-shaped discussion forum is found in each training module so that the discussions that occur are specifically to discuss the material in that module. Meanwhile, Live Q&A is a service that allows users to interact directly with trainers in audio.

In 2022, Terampil also has plans to launch a similar feature with the Club House application. “Since the rebranding, our focus has been on technology development. In the first quarter of next year this feature can be used by our users and trainers,” said Amrullah.

To improve customer service, Terampil also often communicates directly with users to get feedback. This way, you can maximize videos and other materials that have been the user’s choice to date.

Still running a bootstrap business, Terampil doesn’t have any plans to raise funds in the near future. However, in 2022, the company plans to conduct fundraising activities in the third quarter.

“We want Terampil not only to be the online training platform of choice for the community, but more than that we want to be like teachers and proud parents if our students succeed in achieving their goals and getting a bright future,” concluded Amrullah.