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Dino Patti Djalal Launched a Startup for Umrah Financing, Waqara

Foreign Minister Financial Technology startup company

The Former Deputy of Foreign Minister, Dino Patti Djalal, launched a financial technology-based startup company for Umrah financing named PT Waqara Jasa Bangsa. Djalal who also become the CEO of Waqara said that Waqara is an umrah marketplace that aims to facilitate Muslims, especially to perform Umrah worship.

“In the last 2 years, cases of Umrah fraud have reached nearly IDR 4.5 trillion. Waqara was established to make Umrah more secure and affordable for Muslims in Indonesia,” Djalal said in Jakarta. Some of Waqara’s innovative features include the Umrah marketplace, order tracking system, and various payment options.

Besides, it also features marketplace financing with several banks. One of them is BNI Syariah. “We, as part of the BNI Group, are committed to supporting Waqara’s vision and mission in providing safe services in performing Umrah,” BNI Syariah Managing Director, Firman Wibowo, said.

The Company Will Launch WaqaraMall in the Future

Aside from an Umrah feature, the company will provide WaqaraMall through a strategic partnership with Blibli.com. “Blibli.com will present a broad selection of quality halal products and fast delivery services. Thus, Waqara customers will get the satisfaction of shopping online,” Firman explained.

As a company that has been registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), Waqara is a pioneer in the Umrah industry that connects banks, Umrah service providers, insurance, financial institutions, and government in one ecosystem for the convenience of Muslims in Umrah worship.

Not only BNI Syariah, but PT Bank BCA Syariah also cooperated with PT Waqara Jasa Bangsa to provide facilities for the community to do Umrah worship. The cooperation between BCA Syariah and Waqara includes marketing of the Tahapan Mabrur iB product and Multi-service Umrah Financing using a referral mechanism.

The President Director of BCA Syariah, John Kosasih, explained that BCA Syariah was the solution for payment of Umrah pilgrimage packages for Waqara customers through savings or financing products. Meanwhile, BCA Syariah Umrah Multi-service Financing is a financing facility with an ijarah agreement (rent).

This product can be a solution to realize the intention to worship Umrah immediately, both for individuals and families. “The period given is from six to 36 months. It can be adjusted to the needs of the customers,” John explained in a written statement.

Waqara Also Collaborates with PT Bank BCA Syariah

Furthermore, Tahapan Mabrur iB savings offered by BCA Syariah can help customers prepare for the Umrah worship by offering various facilities, such as a lightweight initial deposit and free administration fees. Thus, customers do not need to feel burdened with expensive costs.

John continued that marketing cooperation with the marketplace is a form of BCA Syariah’s commitment to providing easy access to Islamic banking products to the public. Considering the current trends, people prioritize convenience and comfort in making transactions. And buying umrah worship packages is no exception.

“Therefore, we synergize the BCA Syariah products, especially Tahapan Mabrur iB savings with the Waqara marketplace application. We consider it as a strategic step as well as a form of support for the growth of the digital ecosystem in Indonesia,” John concluded.