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Get to know the Spotgue App, Help Transform Malls with Technology

Get to know the Spotgue App, Help Transform Malls with Technology

The end of the year is the right time to be able to travel with family. One of the places that can be used to spend time together with many choices of activities is a shopping center or mall.

Get to know the Spotgue App, Help Transform Malls with Technology

Visitors have many choices of activities ranging from shopping outlets, restaurants, supermarkets, gyms, and others. However, the density of visitors at the mall leaves problems, such as limited parking space or fully booked places to eat.

Seeing this problem, Founder & CEO Gerry Hasang Spotgue together with several friends from Tarumanagara University alumni took the initiative to develop a solution that combines technology and mall lifestyle to create a unique experience.

Spotgue allows visitors, tenants, and mall parties to interact in real-time and is integrated or what is known as the “Mall 4.0 Experience”.

“The technology-based reservation system is a solution in crowded conditions where visitors can make reservations or waiting lists by application and see the status of the queue and when called, get a notification on their cellphone,” said Gerry.

The Spotgue application will help mall visitors to see the availability of car park areas, mark parking positions, get recommendations from virtual assistants, make reservations/waiting lists of favorite restaurants and services.

In addition, users can also order food at the restaurant (dine-in) in a contactless manner, find various information related to coupons and discounts, and interact directly with malls and tenants.

Get to know the Spotgue App, Help Transform Malls with Technology

Provides Various Basic Features

From a business model perspective, Spotgue provides various basic features that can be used by the first 15 malls for free and can be used by all tenants.

In addition, this platform also offers paid premium features that provide analytical reports regarding the behavior and preferences of visitors or consumers as material for mall evaluation.

Gerry also revealed, “We really value visitor privacy, so all analytical data is aggregated and no personal data is provided. For example, the composition of visitors to Mall A consists of male and female, age range, domicile, store preferences, etc.”

The free offer was given considering the pandemic conditions that had hit the retail industry. The hope is that this solution can help the retail business recover.

“That’s why we provide quotas for the first 15 malls in each region. Greater Jakarta has a quota of 8 malls, while Bandung, Surabaya, Central Java/Jogja, Bali, Medan, and 2 other cities that pioneered each get a quota of 1 mall,” added Gerry .

Spotgue targets medium-high-sized malls and all tenants and regular visitors in them. This agreement is an official partnership, so when the mall has decided to cooperate, all tenants will immediately be able to benefit.

Currently, the acquisition strategy used by Spotgue is to offer to malls and corporate groups, given the number of large groups that have malls in various regions. For example, Living World is in Alam Sutera, also in Pekanbaru, and Living Plaza is already present in various regions.

Get to know the Spotgue App, Help Transform Malls with Technology

Soft Launch

Last November, Spotgue held a soft launch at Mal Artha Gading and Living World AlamSutera. This is the result of the shared vision of the company and the mall that in the future, mall visitors should be able to experience such an experience.

His team has also tried to cooperate with several other malls. Visitors can access various features in the application though this public preview, ranging from product information and tenant promotions, ongoing activities or events, information on all facilities available for visitors to features to view parking availability.

“The goal is for the convenience and comfort of visitors to get all information related to the Alam Sutera Living world,” General Manager of Living World Alam Sutera, Adrian Pranata, explained.

Regarding the verification and integration process, all merchants are included in the Spotgueapplication based on data compiled by the Mall.

However, basic information such as location, type, or name is usually not enough for visitors who want more, such as promo info, latest products, discounts, events and so on.