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Atur Toko Help MSMEs Manage Business in Marketplace

Atur Toko Help MSMEs Manage Business in Marketplace

Aiming to minimize costs when marketing and selling their products, the e-commerce platform enabler Atur Toko is here to offer technology and services to MSMEs.

Atur Toko Help MSMEs Manage Business in Marketplace

Co-Founder & CEO of Atur Toko Bagus Dewantara said that starting from a project, an idea emerged to then develop relevant technology for MSMEs to expand their sales channels.

Based on this hypothesis, together with the other founders, namely Christiono Hendrawan, Asfar, and Ricky Erri Thoiffur, they created their own software so that it can be used for more merchants.

Set Store officially launched in 2019. Currently, they have around 5 thousand merchants and 200 brands spread throughout Indonesia. Specifically, Atur Toko helps optimize brand sales with the Team Brand Manager from the platform to manage product sales strategies in the marketplace.

In addition to providing Store Management technology, it also provides support services. Among them are the fulfillment team, store management, to self-managed warehouses.

“You could say that our platform is very comprehensive, end-to-end, helping those who are just starting to sell to big brands to drive business growth,” said Bagus.

Atur Toko Help MSMEs Manage Business in Marketplace

Featured Products Organize Store

Currently, the Atur Toko technology has been integrated with six major marketplaces in Indonesia. The integrated system allows MSMEs to monitor their stores on various marketplace platforms with just one dashboard; including getting sales data, product stock, branding services, capital loans, to chatboards.

There are three superior products that users can choose from. Among these are OrganizeStore+, omnipos and Create Store+. Each has services that new sellers to big brands can take advantage of.

For now, the product that is most chosen by users is ArrangeToko+. One of the reasons why more and more users are choosing products that can help users market their products with help from the Manage Store team is, so they can focus more on production and ensuring quality goods.

“In addition, we see that more and more of them want to have a wider sales channel at a low cost. Meanwhile, currently most in the marketplace the fees are quite high with the large discounts charged to them. If there are other sales channels with lower costs, of course will help them more,” said Bagus.

For those new sellers who don’t have products yet, they can join together with Set the Store to Drop Ship. Only by marketing all catalogs originating from MSME brands that join AturToko, they can earn additional income as sellers.

To make it easier for users to make payments, there are options that can be customized. Even though as a platform, Atur Toko prioritizes cloud computing, other options are provided to make it easier for them to manage their business. Going forward, Set Store will also charge an annual fee for users.

“I see this service is not a one model fit for all, there are several variations of the model that we present, although there are only a few choices. Our main focus going forward is cloud computing,” said Bagus.

Atur Toko Help MSMEs Manage Business in Marketplace

E-Commerce Warehouse and Fundraising Plan

In collaboration with local governments, Atur Toko established an e-commerce warehouse for the development of MSMEs. The e-commerce warehouse allows MSME players to focus on production only while Atur Toko will manage the entire process and increase MSME sales.

Starting from product photos, social media management, pricing policies, product packaging media, to the delivery process to buyers. 

Throughout 2021, Atur Toko has succeeded in initiating with several local governments to initiate cooperation in establishing an e-commerce warehouse for MSMEs assisted by the local government.

Among them are in Garut, Gorontalo, Bekasi, West Kalimantan, and Mojokerto. In 2022, Atur Toko targets to penetrate 20 Regional Governments.