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Get to know LoveCare, the Health Professional Services Marketplace Platform

Get to know LoveCare, the Health Professional Services Marketplace Platform

Home care services or health services at home have increased quite rapidly lately. Home care is considered to provide more convenience for people with certain medical conditions to get health care without the need to go to the hospital.

Get to know LoveCare, the Health Professional Services Marketplace Platform

This service is considered to be able to help improve the health of people who have economic limitations for hospitalization costs. The need for nurses is always there, but in reality, it is not easy to get the right nurses and have the right capacity.

This was the initial idea for the development of LoveCare, a marketplace that provides services for health professionals, such as nurses, caregivers, and babysitters. This platform was born from the personal experiences of the founders, as well as the desire to serve and make a difference in the healthcare sector.

“I was inspired when I first recognized the word palliative, namely quality of life services for terminal patients who not only need medical treatment but they need holistic services that use the heart,” said Veronica Tan, one of the Founders of LoveCare.

Get to know LoveCare, the Health Professional Services Marketplace Platform

Win the UN Women Care Accelerator

Founded in 2019, this application has become a platform that has a real impact on Indonesian families by connecting and matching medical and non-medical service providers with service users based on their needs, location, and preferences in a safe, fast, and convenient way. LoveCare also won the UN Women Care Accelerator in 2021.

“My team and I at Lovecare want to create a business that not only solves problems and earns profit, but also this business must be able to contribute to society. It is in the form of opening up employment opportunities with well-educated and well-trained workforce and human resources,” added Veronica.

In carrying out this service, LoveCare also has several challenges, such as thorough curation to be able to provide suitable nurses considering that they will carry out vital tasks in an effort to manage the quality of family life.

In addition, each customer has different needs and preferences, ranging from medical and non-medical, as well as duration. On the other hand, each officer partner is unique, has different competencies, work preferences and backgrounds.

“There are also those who want workers (nurses) to master certain competencies, including preferences for gender, age and a certain budget. In the past, we had to check one by one and ask partners and go back and forth to confirm with customers. It was very inefficient,” added the CEO & CTO LoveCare Susan.

Get to know LoveCare, the Health Professional Services Marketplace Platform

Solutions to Overcome Challenges

To overcome this challenge, LoveCare combines the concepts of standardization and personalization to provide the right offering. There is a standardization of the recruitment process for partners regarding their competencies, location preferences and timeframe, as well as levels and fees.

Users of this service will automatically receive recommendations according to their needs when ordering through the application. In terms of curation, there are three important factors that LoveCare partners must possess, namely Competence, Mental, and Heart (KOMET).

There are thousands of medical and non-medical service personnel from various parts of Indonesia who register as LoveCare partners, but only 20% pass the test.

Currently, there are 200 partners spread across more than 50 cities and regencies in Indonesia, consisting of around 40% of caregivers, 30% of nurses, 7% of babysitters, and the rest are doctors, midwives, and therapists.

This platform also provides additional training programs for caregiver partners who want to improve their competence. In addition to basic competence in caring for clients, other knowledge such as hospitality, service excellence, and communication are also the material of this program.

Through its vision and mission, LoveCare wants to continue to develop into a trusted marketplace for Indonesian families to connect with local nurses, caregivers, doctors, and babysitters through an application.

LoveCare is committed to providing equal opportunities for success to all employees and partners, regardless of their gender and helping them learn and develop professionally.