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Grouu Receives Initial Funding Of 6 Billion Rupiah

Grouu Receives Initial Funding Of 6 Billion Rupiah

Baby food catering startup Grouu announced the acquisition of a $400,000 seed funding (approximately IDR 6 billion) from Selera Kapital, the investment arm of the Sour Sally Group.

Grouu Receives Initial Funding Of 6 Billion Rupiah

Also taking part were several angel investors, including Wesley Harjono (Managing Director of Plug and Play Indonesia) and Rama Notowidigdo (Co-founder of Sayurbox and AwanTunai).

The company will use the fresh funds to expand the scope of catering services by opening satellite kitchens in a number of major cities in Indonesia, as well as diversifying packaged food products.

Grouu has positioned itself as a provider of complementary feeding (MPASI) for infants aged six months and over with the selection of quality raw materials, taste, and complete nutritional content in each dish.

Grouu Receives Initial Funding Of 6 Billion Rupiah

Problems behind the Launch of Grouu

During busy activities in taking care of early childhood, the presence of a practical, healthy and nutritious food menu is one of the things that parents really need today.

Meanwhile, the problem of nutrition and child health is still the Indonesian government’s homework. Data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health in 2020 states that the prevalence of stunting (short) in Indonesian toddlers is recorded at 27.7%, or 28 out of 100 toddlers experience stunting.

In fact, the first 1,000 days of a baby’s life is a golden age for child growth and development. Unfortunately, many children who should be the hope of the nation’s future are still experiencing nutritional problems at an early age.

To support their growth and development, babies are recommended to consume complementary foods or complementary foods after six months of age. Actually, how to make MPASI is quite easy. But there was a time when my mother had trouble preparing it.

If so, then MPASI catering can be a solution. In contrast to most solid food catering, the menu at Grouu is made according to restaurant standards. So ensure safety and cleanliness.

Grouu Co-founder & CEO Jessica Marthin explained, “We understand that one of the difficulties parents face during their child’s growth is providing varied food choices to support optimal growth and development.”

“Grouu is here to be a delicious and healthy complementary food solution to help the needs of urban parents in the midst of their busy lives. Through this funding, we will expand and innovate to reach more parents in Indonesia,” Jessica said in an official statement, Tuesday (25/1).

Grouu Receives Initial Funding Of 6 Billion Rupiah

Grouu‘s Vision and Mission Attracts Investors’ Attention

The founder of Selera Kapital, Donny Pramono, expressed his belief in Grouu’s vision and mission in providing quality food for children in Indonesia.

Not only that, he sees Grouu’s commitment to providing the best service for parents by presenting a meal subscription management platform that makes it easy for parents to schedule food delivery in real time.

“Selera Kapital is ready to support Grouu through synergies with our various portfolios and business units in the food and beverage category,” said Donny. Grouu adds to the investment portfolio in Selera Kapital, previously there were ESB (Esensi Solusi Buana), Wahyoo, Yummy Corp, and EVOS Esports.

Grouu has served more than 200,000 servings of complementary foods by 2021. All Grouuproducts are made using quality fresh ingredients without added preservatives, colorings, flavor enhancers, including salt and sugar.

Grouu has also obtained a Health Eligibility Certificate from the DKI Jakarta Health Office so that it is guaranteed to be clean as the right choice of complementary foods for children.

Each menu is jointly prepared by a team of nutritionists, food scientists, and chefs to meet the daily nutritional needs of babies. Grouu also provides various choices of food textures that can be adapted to the needs of babies at their developmental age.

Parents can enjoy free shipping every day through a flexible subscription package that is supported by a meal subscription management platform that makes it easy to choose menus, as well as textures easily and in real time, to the convenience of making various changes starting from the delivery date and address.