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Nona Platform is Officially Launched

Nona Platform is Officially Launched, Facilitates Access to Information About Femcare

Facilitates Access to Information About Femcare

The low level of knowledge among Indonesian women about information and access to products for relevant femcare needs, known as period poverty, is a strong reason for the launch of the Nona platform.

Nona Platform is Officially Launched, Facilitates Access to Information About Femcare

Founded by Nicole Jizhar and Monica Pranatajaya, one of its goals is to become the first menstrual cycle calendar application or period tracker in Indonesia.

The application named “Miss Woman” can already be downloaded by iOS and Android users. Through this app, Nona wants its users to be back in tune with hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle and listen to what their bodies need.

Users can monitor the menstrual cycle, identify patterns that occur in the body, understand and care for the body and share stories and experiences with fellow women in Indonesia.

“What surprised us was that most of the Indonesian women from different economic classes did not really understand education and the importance of using the right femcare products. Since the first, there was no formal information that was taught to women about menstruation, Nona wanted to bridge this need,” said Nicole.

Nona wants to be a lifestyle app that is used every day by users. Thus, its function can also be a femtech for Indonesian women.

Currently, Nona has collaborated with universities to foundations for educational activities. Likewise, using influencers for marketing activities on social media.

“By utilizing influencers who have large numbers of followers on social media, we see that they are quite effective for marketing activities. Thus, users or followers of these influencers can more easily find out about Nona,” added Monica.

In the future, Nona has prepared innovations in the form of femcare products that are made to support their vision and mission in increasing public awareness of the importance of education and information about women’s health.

Nona Platform is Officially Launched, Facilitates Access to Information About Femcare

Product Launch Plan

In addition to being present as a menstrual cycle calendar application, in the future Nona has plans to become an integrated platform that can help the needs of Indonesian women.

Starting from information about menstruation/health to offering femcare products. One of them is launching a homemade femcare product. Targeting the premium segment, later these products will have the best quality for users.

“In the future, the product will be premium because we want to provide quality products but we also want a social impact focus. So we want to make sure we have enough margin to give back to the environment,” said Nicole.

Although there is currently no platform that offers services like Nona, the big brands that currently dominate the market are competitors for them. However, most of these big brands have not offered the best solutions in terms of quality and personalized service to users.

In the end, many of these femcare products cause irritation and are less comfortable for women to use. Miss noted that in terms of quality, foreign-made products are of better quality.

“We have the Miss Tries feature which is a channel for reviewing femcare products that can be shared directly by users. Thus, we can provide recommendations and feedback from users regarding the quality of each femcare product they have used,” said Nicole.

Nona Platform is Officially Launched, Facilitates Access to Information About Femcare

Target To Be Achieved

In 2022, Nona has several targets, including developing technology, increasing the number of users and raising funds. Currently, Nona is still running a bootstrap business.

Taking advantage of the prizes in the form of money they receive when participating in various competitions, it is claimed that they can run a business. It is still run by two Co-founders and does not yet have a team, most of the information is managed and the technology presented is an initiative of the two of them.

“Currently our application is quite perfect, but we also want to develop new products and features in the future to make it easier for users. But for now everything can be accessed for free,” said Monica.