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Part of the GoTo Ecosystem Integration, Pluang Enters Tokopedia Emas

Part of the GoTo Ecosystem Integration, Pluang Enters Tokopedia Emas

Pluang is officially present in the Tokopedia application as an alternative option to invest in gold. Pluang itself is a portfolio of Go Ventures, part of the GoTo Group, so it can be said that Pluang’s presence is part of the integration of the group’s ecosystem.

Part of the GoTo Ecosystem Integration, Pluang Enters Tokopedia Emas

Go-Ventures was involved and led Pluang’s funding from the initial, series A, and series B funding. In the course of Tokopedia Emas, since its first release in 2018, the company has partnered with e-mas, the gold investment platform owned by Orori.

However, it stopped because, at that time, e-mas did not have a permit and the OJK asked OJK to stop its operations until it got permission from CoFTRA. Then, the partnership turned to Pegadaian, which started in early 2019 until Pluang finally started to join.

Tokopedia’s VP of Fintech and Payment Vira Widiyasari explained, collaboration with strategic partners has always been the company’s commitment to help people from all backgrounds to start investing online.

Pluang’s Co-Founder Claudia Kolonas said the same thing. He hopes that this collaboration can make it easier for people to buy investment asset classes because it can be done, even through e-commerce platforms.

Separately, Tokopedia’s Head of Investment and Insurance Marissa Dewi explained that Tokopedia’s internal data as of June 2021 noted that for more than two years, the number of registered users on Tokopedia Emas grew nearly 24 times and came from various backgrounds.

Part of the GoTo Ecosystem Integration, Pluang Enters Tokopedia Emas

Intensifying the Wednesday Savings Movement

One of the company’s programs to encourage investment is to intensify the Wednesday Savings Movement to get people used to investing in gold or mutual funds through Tokopedia.

In the FAQ site on Tokopedia, there is no specific difference between buying and selling transactions at Pluang and Pegadaian, both can start investing in gold starting from Rp. 5 thousand. However, for the difference between the purchase price and the selling price, in Pegadaian it is seen as fluctuating, while in Pluang it is set at 3%.

Users can use these two partners to invest, but savings on each of these platforms cannot be combined and transferred. If the user is already a Pegadaian user and wants to register at Pluang, he must register, and vice versa.

In its efforts to encourage investment penetration among young people, Tokopedia takes its position as the entry point to introduce investment products to the mass market that are still unfamiliar with the investment world. Therefore, the choice of investment class tends to be beginner-friendly, namely gold, money market mutual funds (partnering with Bareksa).

Part of the GoTo Ecosystem Integration, Pluang Enters Tokopedia Emas

Pluang’s Strategy As An Embedded Platform

Tokopedia adds to the lineup of partnerships carried out by Pluang to expand investment penetration — with an embedded platform strategy — after DANA, Bukalapak, and Gojek. This entire partnership is for the expansion of the digital gold investment asset class.

Currently, it is claimed that there are more than 3 million registered users through Pluang. In an interview some time ago, Claudia said that gold is still a favorite of Pluang users in investing. Nevertheless, Pluang continues to introduce various other investment asset classes, ranging from Micro E-Mini Index Futures, cryptocurrencies, and mutual funds.

In providing these asset classes, the company also works closely with industry players. For example for crypto assets, with Tokocrypto and Zipmex, while for mutual funds partnering with various trusted investment managers.

With a position as a one-stop investment app, Pluang wants to embrace all potential users who come from various risk profiles.

“For now, the majority of our users still choose gold as their portfolio, for the S&P 500, crypto assets, and mutual funds are arguably the asset classes that are just booming. Pluangitself has just launched its mutual fund,” said Claudia.