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Two Products are Launched by Pluang to Help Diversify Portfolio

Two Products are Launched by Pluang to Help Diversify Portfolio

Now there is a new option for investors who will invest in mutual fund products. Through the Pluang application, investors can now more easily manage mutual funds.

Pluang collaborates with UOB Asset Management Indonesia as Investment Manager to introduce Pluang Mutual Fund powered by Pluang Grow. There are two types of mutual funds offered, so that investors can use the Pluang application.

They are Money Market Mutual Funds (UOBAM Dana Rupiah) and Fixed Income Mutual Funds (UOBAM Dana Pembangunan Negeri). The two types of mutual funds will be managed by UOB Asset Management Indonesia which has been supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK).

Two Products are Launched by Pluang to Help Diversify Portfolio

Don’t worry, this management is certainly professional because UOB Asset Management Indonesia has had an investment manager license since 2011 and has had an investment advisory license since 2019.

Pluang Co-Founder Claudia Kolonas said that this new product is expected to make it easier for investors to diversify their assets in the Pluang application. Currently, the Pluang application has three types of investments, namely Digital Gold, Micro E-Mini S&P 500 Index Futures, and Crypto Assets Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Previously, Pluang Collaborated with DANA

The DANA eMAS feature is now more complete and makes it easier for users to invest in gold with the introduction of a new service in the form of gold price notifications or price alert reminders. This way, the users can make purchases or sales when gold is in the best price range.

Rangga Wiseno, DANA’s Senior VP of Product, said that the development of the latest price notification service on the DANA eMAS feature is part of DANA’s seriousness in helping its users to manage their finances digitally wisely, intelligently and safely.

According to him, DANA users, which currently have reached more than 60 million, consist of various groups and have various socio-economic and cultural backgrounds.

Two Products are Launched by Pluang to Help Diversify Portfolio

However, from this diversity, DANA still sees the importance of providing support in the form of facilities that make it easier for them to manage their finances wisely and intelligently, including in making investments.

“We have developed DANA features such as DANA eMAS to facilitate their enthusiasm for investing. So that their income or salary can really be managed optimally to fulfill their aspirations in the future,” said Rangga in a press release, Saturday (30/5).

Get Various Benefits

Rangga said, through DANA eMAS with all of its capabilities, users are not only made it easier to buy gold investments, but it is also possible to buy and sell gold at the right time practically and safely.

People who invest in gold are generally very concerned about the actual gold price info. According to the survey, they routinely check the latest prices, either through the application (41.4%) or through gold market news (31.5%), and make purchases when gold is at its lowest price.

“The latest gold price notification that we present is a facility as well as a solution in responding to the challenges and needs of users in investing in gold digitally through the DANA digital wallet,” said Rangga.

Two Products are Launched by Pluang to Help Diversify Portfolio

Another advantage that DANA users get from this new service is that they can not only set the gold target they want to buy, but also get a notification when the gold price reaches the desired target. Users can even set up to five targets. One notification is available once in 24 hours.

“Through the ease, convenience and security in investing that we present through DANA eMAS, we hope that digital technology will become more popular and more trusted as an effective solution in increasing financial inclusion, as well as supporting various productivity and positive lifestyles in this connected and intelligent digital era,” said Ranga.

Moreover, according to Rangga, the safety of gold investment in DANA eMas has been guaranteed through cooperation with Pluang, which is under PT PG Berjangka, which has been registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (CoFTRA).