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RedDoorz Enters 4-Star Hotel Business, Eyeing Staycation Trend

RedDoorz Enters 4-Star Hotel Business, Eyeing Staycation Trend

A hotel chain startup from Singapore, RedDoorz launched its first premium-class hotel service, Sunerra Hotels in Jababeka, Bekasi. RedDoorz has entered the four- and five-star hotel business to target the segment that likes staycations.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a staycation is a vacation done at or near home. “Lately, most guests at hotels are staycation consumers. They bring their families. We will invest here,” said VP Operations of RedDoorz Adil Mubarak during a virtual press conference, Wednesday (2/6).

He said, Sunerra Hotels is an international standard hotel service that targets the premium market. The Jababeka area, Bekasi was chosen, because it is growing rapidly as a center for industry, offices, housing. RedDoorz assesses that the area is suitable for attracting segments who like to staycation.

RedDoorz Enters 4-Star Hotel Business, Eyeing Staycation Trend

Adil said that Sunerra Hotels has a traditional concept and offers a variety of loyalty to visitors. The hotel also provides a children’s play area, swimming pool, restaurant and co-working space.

Visitors can also hold events with a maximum capacity of 450 people in the ballroom, as well as rooms for meetings. RedDoorz guarantees safety standards at the hotel.

“Health protocols must exist, including hand sanitizer, washing hands, checking body temperature. This is important in the era of the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

The Singaporean company is targeting more premium hotels this year. For the Sunnera Hotels brand, RedDoorz targets to provide four by 2021. RedDoorz is also in the process of collaborating with other hotel brands in Surabaya and Bali.

Launches Premium Class Hotels to Increase Occupancy

In addition to staycations, the company launched premium class hotels to increase occupancy. “Many four-star hotels are good, but their occupancy has dropped due to the pandemic. Therefore, they can use RedDoorz technology to get an online system from sales,” said Adil.

The hotel occupancy rate in RedDoorz is currently 40%-50%. Adil claims, the numbers are better than the industry. RedDoorz management stated that premium class hotels can benefit from technology such as an integrated booking system.

RedDoorz Enters 4-Star Hotel Business, Eyeing Staycation Trend

Moreover, 70% of RedDoorz visitors book properties through the app. Premium hotels will also get an integrated management system. Hotels can also offer properties at prices that consider the market.

Currently, RedDoorz is also developing an integrated operational system. With this technology, hotel guests can complain directly on the application.

Sunerra Hotels owner William Liusudarso is optimistic that he will get a more robust management system and database by logging into the RedDoorz ecosystem. “This can be further optimized for hotel developments,” he said.

Complete Facilities for Staycation Visitors

Located in Cikarang, this four-star hotel has a capacity of 142 rooms, four meeting rooms, and one ballroom with a capacity of 350-400 people. Sunerra also offers other facilities, such as a playground for children and a touchless payment system, in addition to being certified for Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE).

“The trend is that guests now want to go to properties that are close to us. We also run strict health protocols and have been certified CHSE. No less important is touchless. Most guests want to come to the property directly into the room,” explained William Liu Sudarso, owner Sunerra Hotels, in a virtual press conference, Wednesday, 2 June 2021.

RedDoorz Enters 4-Star Hotel Business, Eyeing Staycation Trend

Adil hopes that in the next 12 months, tourism will bounce back, including the hotel industry. “The government has also been able to manage Covid-19 well, starting from antigen testing to carrying out a series of the most important health protocols,” he explained.

“In Indonesia there is also a vaccination program and the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy supports the vaccine program for all friends in the hotel,” he continued.

Adil added, with the Covid-19 vaccination program, referring to his internal survey, 44 percent of customers already want to travel, but don’t want to be too far from home.

“This pandemic will last for five, six, even seven years. However, this vaccine program is very important and can return us to normal life,” he concluded.