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DIGI Wants to Get 10,000 Content Creators Through Yoursay.id

DIGI Wants to Get 10,000 Content Creators Through Yoursay.id

PT Arkadia Digital Media, Tbk (DIGI) has just launched a content publisher platform based on user-generated or content creators, Yoursay.id.

In the launch of this platform, Thursday (3/6/2021), Arkadia Digital Media’s Chief Operating Officer, Suwarjono, explained the reason for launching Yoursay.id.

During the launch, a Yoursay.id talk show titled ‘The Speed ​​of Digital Platforms and the Future of Content Creators’ was also held by presenting journalists and practitioners, Agung Purwandono as resource persons. The event was broadcast live streaming via video sharing sites Youtube.com and Dailymotion.com.

DIGI Wants to Get 10,000 Content Creators Through Yoursay.id

He said the growth in the number of internet users in 2021, which shot to 202 million and smartphone users more than 300 million in Indonesia, on the one hand, even worried many parties.

“A lot of content contains hoaxes, hate speech, SARA, and pornography. In addition, the majority of 90 percent of our internet users are still dominated by content lovers. Only 10 percents are content creators or content creators. The public needs a lot of digital content that is more productive, critical, and useful,” said Suwarjono.

Want to Facilitate Content Creators in Indonesia

PT Arkadia Digital Media, Tbk which is the parent company of Suara.com wants to contribute to building and encouraging more positive content to spread in the digital world by launching an online publishing platform, namely Yoursay.id.

This platform was created so that there will be more content creators by facilitating, inviting, and opening up discussion spaces for content creators, both articles, photos, and videos.

Yoursay.id will act like a publisher for content creators who are partners, as well as find a market for them.

Our digital face must have more quality content than trash. Many content creators are good and need space. Yoursay.id will facilitate, assist, provide benefits and added value.

“We want to encourage the democratization of content so that our digital world is not flooded with garbage. However, the content is more useful, informative and educational to the public,” said Suwarjono, who is also the Chief Editor of Suara.com and the Person in Charge of Yoursay.id.

DIGI Wants to Get 10,000 Content Creators Through Yoursay.id

As an initial target, Yoursay.id will attract 10,000 members in the near future. Until now, many members have joined Yoursay.id. They consist of community members, students, writers, photo and video makers.

Providing Incentives to Content Creators

Yoursay as an online publishing platform offers free technology to make your content easier to index in the Google browser engine.

Not only that, by relying on technology, Yoursay.id will provide incentives to each content creator partner through a point system. Pun Yoursay will provide them with the necessary training.

If the ability of the content creator is qualified, Yoursay.id will also cooperate with other parties who want to hire services or buy Yoursay.id content creator products.

“We are developing technology systems to help media grow. Back end and front end, machine learning, data banks to connectivity integration. Content creators will have profiles, track records, and clear readership. They will also get points that can be exchanged for money, goods and shopping at Serbada.com, our e-commerce platform,” said Suwarjono.

How to Make Content Shown on Yoursay.id

DIGI Wants to Get 10,000 Content Creators Through Yoursay.id

In order for content to appear on Yoursay.id, members are welcome to fill out profiles and content through the content management system page, Arkadia.me. Later, the content submitted by members will be curated by the team before being published.

Members are prohibited from sending content that contains hoaxes, pornography, SARA, and hate speech. In this case, the Yoursay.id team will implement a strict curation function.

“Good content will increase the profile of creators, a good track record and easy to index through the Google browser. What’s interesting, those who are productive and creative will get new business opportunities. In addition to getting points, vouchers that can be exchanged for money, shopping and others – others,” said Suwarjono.