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7 Startups Have the Opportunity to Get Funding from Telkom

7 Startups Have the Opportunity to Get Funding from Telkom

PT Telkom Indonesia has determined seven startups that have passed the judging stage for Startup Indigo Creative Nation Batch 1 – 2021 in the Education, Big Data or Artificial Intelligence, Small Medium Business, and Health categories.

The seven startups that pass have the opportunity to get funding of IDR 2.75 billion each, with details of IDR 2 billion for the acceleration program and IDR 750 million for incubation. The following is a list of startups that have passed the judging stage for Startup Indigo Batch 1 – 2021:

1. Educourse

Educourse is an educational platform that focuses on the fields of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM), as well as foreign languages.

This platform utilizes augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI), and natural language processing (NLP) technologies to make learning more enjoyable.

7 Startups Have the Opportunity to Get Funding from Telkom

2. Tumbasin.id

Tumbasin is a platform used to empower traditional market traders. The focus of this platform is to help increase sales and open banking access for traditional market traders through its collaboration with Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI).

3. Komerce

Komerce is a platform that bridges micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) so that they can connect with technology-savvy digital talents, so that they can accelerate market penetration in cyberspace.

The hope is that this platform can increase the absorption of labor, reduce the number of unemployed, reduce the number of people who are urbanizing, and increase the competitiveness and income of MSMEs.

4. Allure

Allure is a platform that develops artificial intelligence (AI) technology to be able to translate consumer photos into data on facial skin problems.

Furthermore, this platform will recommend products if needed to solve consumer skin problems. In addition, Allure is also developing augmented reality (AR) technology that allows users to try out make-up products virtually.

7 Startups Have the Opportunity to Get Funding from Telkom

5. HearMe

HearMe is a platform that provides an Indonesian Sign Language (Bisindo) translator feature by utilizing a three-dimensional (3D) animation model to bridge communication between Deaf and Hearing Friends.

In addition, Teman Tuli can record the gesture from Bisindo that you want to convey, then the gesture will be translated into text or voice by the HearMe application.

6. CtScope

CtScope is a blockchain-based platform that allows doctors to exchange health information in the form of medical record management, so that performance becomes faster and more effective.

7. Psikku

Psikku is the only startup originating from Eastern Indonesia, specifically from Manado. This platform offers online psychological tests, both for individuals and company employees.

Users can consult and choose a licensed psychologist who has become a Psikku partner. It is hoped that Psikku users can explore their potential to help the decision-making process in the future.

7 Startups Have the Opportunity to Get Funding from Telkom

For information, 558 startups have registered in the Indigo Creative Nation Batch 1 – 2021 program. Of the 558 startups, only 116 participants passed the on-desk selection stage.

The number narrowed down to 15 participants who passed the next screening stage and got the opportunity to pitch virtually in front of the jury.

The jury for the program consisted of the Indigo Management team, Indigo Creative Nation mentors, as well as representatives from MDI Ventures and TelkomGroup.

Telkom Digital Business Director Fajrin Rasyid said, Telkom is very selective in determining startup participants who pass the Indigo Creative Nation Batch 1-2021 program.

Meanwhile, Telkom Senior Vice President (SVP) Corporate Communication and Investor Relations Ahmad Reza explained, the Indigo Creative Nation Batch 1 – 2021 program is an annual initiative of Telkom.

This program aims to increase competitiveness, independence, and national economic growth through the development of the creative digital industry.

In addition to funding, startups in the Indigo Creative Nation program will receive training activities. “We hope that the winner will encourage national economic growth in the digital business sector,” said Ahmad Reza.