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Getting to Know Iklan Pintar Solution from Warung Pintar

Getting to Know Iklan Pintar Solution from Warung Pintar

After being officially acquired by SIRCLO Group, Warung Pintar is increasingly aggressive in developing solutions for millions of retail MSMEs, especially warungs.

Getting to Know Iklan Pintar Solution from Warung Pintar

In July 2021, the company introduced a new service called “Iklan Pintar”, this service focuses on integrated promotional solutions that help brands access hundreds of thousands of shop owners and millions of consumers, and enable shop owners to earn additional income.

Warung Pintar’s internal research results show that more than 80% of brand marketing funds are focused on modern markets, leaving only 20% of marketing funds for traditional retail markets such as warungs.

This is because the layered traditional ecosystem creates various limitations in the process of monitoring marketing programs so that the majority of brands are reluctant to use warungs as an effective marketing channel.

Meanwhile, from the stall owner’s perspective, brand marketing programs are often judged not to provide fair compensation due to the lack of transparency.

Getting to Know Iklan Pintar Solution from Warung Pintar

Smart Advertising Solutions to Drive Stall Utilization

Based on this data, Warung Pintar decided to start working on the Smart Advertising solution in order to encourage the use of warungs as a marketing channel of choice for various types of brands in Indonesia, ranging from multinational to local products.

Basically, the practice of placing advertisements in stalls has been used by brands for decades. However, in the process, the field team still had to go around from stall to shop to offer programs and monitor program results manually.

With the number of stalls that are not small and the energy and costs that must be spent for the manual monitoring process, this concept becomes inefficient and effective.

Trying to answer these challenges, Warung Pintar, through its advertising products, seeks to offer efficiencies for brands in reaching their target market, from shop owners to final consumers.

Through a more effective and scalable platform, Iklan Pintar offers two ad formats, both offline and online (in-app).

The online advertising format and in-app activation are targeted at shop owners, brands can promote online on the Warung Pintar application and other available platforms.

Meanwhile, offline placement allows brands to directly reach end consumers through offline promotional assets at stalls that have joined Warung Pintar. The form of marketing can be through the installation of brand assets, product placement, offline activation and various other forms of offline promotions.

To be able to enjoy this service, the fee charged to the brand is Ro5,000 – Rp. 10,000 per consumer/stall data. There is a separate dashboard to monitor running programs.

In addition, this platform also facilitates constructive discussions between the brand and Warung Pintar in program planning and target segments including demographics, types of stalls, and the area/location around the stalls.

Getting to Know Iklan Pintar Solution from Warung Pintar

Expected Social Impact of Smart Advertising

Warung Pintar Co-Founder & CEO Agung Bezharie Hadinegoro said that Iklan Pintar exist not only to build shop owner loyalty to certain brands, but also to generate real social impact by providing fair and more transparent incentives for shop owners.

“We hope that the Iklan Pintar service can be a trusted solution for brands to transform marketing channels to be more effective and efficient.”

To date, the Smart Advertising service has enabled dozens of well-known brands such as AX, Kimbo, Sariwangi, ABC Coffee, Good Day, Kopiko, Danone, Bango, Coca Cola, and others to connect with the warung ecosystem in Indonesia.

The brand’s participation in Smart Advertising also helps in making a real impact for more than 500,000 stalls in the Warung Pintar ecosystem in more than 200 cities.

This initiative is also claimed to have provided incentives for stall owners of up to IDR 300,000+, about 7.5% higher than other marketing channels.

Iklan Pintar are implemented inclusively by utilizing the integrated warung ecosystem. Iklan Pintar penetration is said to reach 400%, higher than other platforms.