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OrderOnline SaaS Solution for Social Commerce Sellers to Manage Business

OrderOnline SaaS Solution for Social Commerce Sellers to Manage Business

According to data from the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises, out of 64.2 million MSME units, only 19% of them have entered the digital ecosystem.

The variety of solutions provided by startups to make it easier for MSMEs to go digital, now comes from various gaps in business aspects, be it fintech, supply chain, logistics, e-commerce, marketing, and others.

This condition is reflected in the report published by DSInnovate entitled “MSME Empowerment Report 2021”, there are several basic problems currently experienced by MSME actors in Indonesia, such as lack of capital, calculation/transaction errors, difficulty entering the market, and others.

What happened above, Rovan Alfarry (CEO) and Fazlur Rahman (CTO) really felt how difficult it was when starting a small online business.

Whether it’s having trouble checking accounts, forgetting to reply to too many consumer messages, untidy sales records, and much more. They also took the initiative to build their own platform that can accommodate all of their complaints so that it is easier to sell.

“Initially, this feature was only used for personal use. But when we found out that our colleagues who also sell online felt very helpful with the tools we made, we thought seriously about developing it as a promising business,” said Rovan when contacted by DailySocial.id.

This experience finally gave birth to OrderOnline in July 2018. Rovan said, OrderOnline’s vision is an online business platform that helps MSMEs grow by answering every problem that they actually experience directly.

OrderOnline Solution

OrderOnline helps businesses in sales through order forms, order management, customer management, and team management.

Each user can create their own online store in the form of a catalog or landing page on the website, complete with a checkout page that has been integrated with COD, e-payment, interbank transfer features, as well as a business management system and automated sales reports.

The solutions offered are not new items provided by SaaS startups in Indonesia. Rovan said that the differentiation that OrderOnline excels at is that users can use the checkout page and schedule follow-up orders via WhatsApp.

“These two features are very helpful for social commerce or MSMEs that sell on social media.” He detailed, after the seller sent the checkout page to various social media, consumers can directly buy on the page without any hassle.

Then, to follow up consumers regularly and automatically on the OrderOnline platform which will be connected directly to WhatsApp. “This has been proven to increase sales success.”

He continued, “OrderOnline is here to simplify and facilitate online business processes with its all-in-one features. Not only talking about sales, but also business management and the team that can help the business work process itself every day.”

Cooperation with Logistics Company

Not only that, in terms of logistics, OrderOnline is also paying attention. Countedly, logistics companies such as SiCepat, JNE, J&T, SAP, and Ninja Xpress have joined the platform. Business people can choose a logistics fleet that is close to their business area.

All of these solutions are available in the form of subscriptions for either a monthly or yearly period. There are three categories available, namely Personal, Business, and Enterprise with costs starting from IDR 149 thousand.

“We also have a reseller feature that can help them buy goods in large quantities just by making purchases via the website. In addition, we also have special educational media (e-courses) in the business sector that can help entrepreneurs advance their business from various core aspects needed.”

Although not specifically detailed, it is claimed that GMV from OrderOnline itself has almost touched the Rp300 billion figure with an order volume of up to 1 million per month. User profiles come from sellers on social media (social commerce), not marketplaces spread throughout Indonesia.