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RoomMe is Already Collaborating with 10 Thousand Boarding Houses

RoomMe is Already Collaborating with 10 Thousand Boarding Houses

The name of the startup is RoomMe, founded in 2017 thanks to Glen Ramersan, Arifin Daniel, Eric Arifin, and the team. Through this, they aim to simplify the boarding experience for property owners and tenants.

Boarding houses are one of the most popular private room rental concepts, both among students and workers. Seeing this trend, there is a group of people who have finally started a startup that connects homestay owners with potential tenants.

RoomMe is Already Collaborating with 10 Thousand Boarding Houses

“Boarding house is a necessity. However, there is very little innovation and service standardization in this segment, making it difficult to find the right boarding house and managing boarding houses,” the Co-Founder, Glen Ramersan explained, quoted by KrAsia, Thursday (10/9/2020).

To tenants, RoomMe provides boarding search services on sites and applications. That way, they can ask questions, schedule visits, and make advances online. If you have officially occupied the boarding house, tenants can also report complaints via the application.

Meanwhile for boarding house owners, it provides two main products; RoomMe website and an application to manage boarding operations. From maintenance, customer support, to collecting monthly dues. “We offer reliability,” said Glen.

Released Cloud-Based Applications to Provide Real-time Data

Not only that, but the startup also released a second application called the cloud-based operating system RoomMe; providing real-time data from each operational process to the boarding house owner.

Glen added, “Some of the boarding house owners do not have employees to manage the property, others have a team but do not have the right skills. Therefore, we provide services that include procurement and employee training.”

RoomMe is Already Collaborating with 10 Thousand Boarding Houses

RoomMe itself has managed to record 10 thousand boarding rooms in 12 cities. Meanwhile, rival RedDoorz’s KoolKost started with 100 properties in January 2020; while Oyo claims to have 2,500 boarding rooms in eight cities.

“Of the 10 thousand boarding rooms on the RoomMe platform, around 70% already have tenants,” added Glen. He admitted that the occupancy rate of the boarding house RoomMe could be high because the company had a better understanding of the needs and culture of boarding renters in Indonesia.

In terms of funding, RoomMe has raised capital from the Series A round in October 2019, from Base Capital which is supported by Ant Financial and Vertex Ventures Singapore. The startup admitted that it is not in a rush to raise new funds at this time. Going forward, it aims to expand operations to more cities in the country – after the COVID-19 pandemic ends.

RoomMe is a Platform to Help Boarding Owners and Boarders

RoomMe.id is here as the first digital boarding house management service provider platform in Indonesia. It is a platform created by the nation’s children, namely Glen Ramersan, Daniel Basuki, Eric Arifin, Arifin Daniel, and Winoto Hartanto.

RoomMe supports boarding owners in maximizing their boarding houses. Not only for owners, but RoomMe also helps tenants to find a good boarding house in terms of facilities to the right price quickly and according to standards.

RoomMe is Already Collaborating with 10 Thousand Boarding Houses

“RoomMe is a platform made by the nation’s children that is transparent, systematic, and efficient. Of course, this application will facilitate the relationship between boarding owners and tenants,” said Glen Ramersan, the CEO in a special RoomMe interview in Jakarta, Wednesday (2/10/2019) afternoon.

Different from other boarding house search applications, it provides boarding rooms for rent not per day, but per month. In addition, the boarding rooms provided follow the standard of comfort for RoomMe.

“Through RoomMe, we want to help tenants to find rooms that are livable. In terms of comfort and safety, according to standards,” said Glen.

He claims RoomMe provides an atmosphere of cleanliness and room security like a hotel, such as hot water, air conditioning, flat-screen TV, queen-sized mattress, toiletries, and WiFi connection in each room.