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Gojek Xcelerate Provides Training for 35 Startups for new Unicorns

Gojek Provides Training for 35 Startups, Hoping for new Unicorns

Gojek has provided training for 35 startups through the accelerator program, Gojek Xcelerate. This Indonesian Decacorn hopes that trained startups can develop and become new unicorns in the future.

Unicorn is a term for startups with a valuation of more than IDR 14 trillion. Indonesia has four unicorns at this time; Tokopedia, Traveloka, Bukalapak, and OVO. While Gojek holds decacorn status or has a valuation of more than IDR 140 trillion.

Gojek Provides Training for 35 Startups, Hoping for new Unicorns

Chief Corporate Affairs Gojek Nila Marita said, 35 startups received training were curated from a total of 1,425 Indonesian and Southeast Asian companies that registered. Startup companies that pass are divided into four batches.

Specifically, the 35 startups consist of five local companies in the field of machine learning and nine in the daily consumer innovation sector. Then 10 local and Asia-Pacific startups led by women, and 11 that have direct-to-consumer business models.

Startups must continue to Innovate

Nila said, startups must continue to innovate in order to survive and provide solutions amid the corona pandemic. “We are confident in the progress and future of startups, especially in the country, which can become the next unicorn,” he said during a virtual press conference on Wednesday (1/7).

Moreover, of the total startups trained, there were three that were judged to have a social impact. First, Jejak.in which provides technology solutions related to the environment. Second, Etanee, provider of digital supply chain platforms that connect the food industry ecosystem from upstream to downstream.

Gojek Provides Training for 35 Startups, Hoping for new Unicorns

Finally, Qlue, a public reporting application for various social and environmental problems in the city. The problems in question such as waste, broken traffic lights, and illegal parking. Digitaraya’s Managing Director Nicole Yap added, startups entering Gojek Xcelerate were given the training to grow sustainably. He is optimistic that the participants are ready to compete on a global level.

Moreover, 35 startups are claimed to create 1,608 new jobs. They have also received funding of more than US $ 30 million. “No less important, 22 of the 35 alumni are led by women,” Nicole said.

The companies involved provide training through Gojek Xcelerate namely Digitaraya, Google Developers, McKinsey & Company, and UBS.

Gojek also Holds the “Gojek Xcelerate Xtra” Training Program

Gojek and Digitaraya will hold a startup training program “Gojek Xcelerate Xtra” in July-August 2020, and one of the series of programs can be followed free of charge by the public.

“There will be three programs in Gojek Xcelerate Xtra that will provide new insights on startup challenges at an early stage, including business operations, marketing, people management, and technology and product development,” Gojek Xcelerate Chief Yoanita Simanjuntak said Wednesday.

Gojek Provides Training for 35 Startups, Hoping for new Unicorns

During Gojek Xcelerate Xtra which will be held virtually from July to August, selected startups can meet virtually 1:1 with specific venture capitalists through the “Fund Matchmaking” program which will be held in July 9th.

Next is the Startup Clinic, which allows startups the choice to discuss and get training with practitioners on these four issues on July 30.

“Through the Startup Clinic, they can also discuss directly with world-class mentors from Gojek with Digitaraya and global partners, such as Google Developers, McKinsey & Company, determined to help overcome the specific problems that their business is experiencing,” Yoanita said.

Gojek Xcelerate Xtra also presents a webinar system-based training class, Xpert Insights, which can be attended by the public and the technology community, where participants gain additional knowledge from cross-cutting experts.

“Here they can learn and listen to the presentation of a number of skills related to startups and technology, which can be accessed to the public on August 14. Applicants can register at gojek.com/gojekxcelerate before August 10,” he continued.