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Gojek Xcelerate Guides 11 Startups to Adapt to Pandemic

Gojek Xcelerate Guides 11 Startups to Adapt to Pandemic

Gojek helped Indonesian startups overcome business challenges in the pandemic through the Gojek Xcelerate accelerator program. In this 4th batch, Gojek Xcelerate trains and guides 11 local startups to focus on the direct-to-consumer business model.

Through this business model, they must focus on selling their products directly to consumers. Eleven startups who received training from Gojek Xcelerate this year are Bartega, Trope, Rollover Reaction, Pura, Getgo, Watt, Elio, Mena Indonesia, Jejak.in, Kerokoo and Sare.

Gojek Xcelerate Guides 11 Startups to Adapt to Pandemic

The startup selected above was given training in creativity and innovation in order to be able to adjust the business quickly, in accordance with consumer behavior that changed during the pandemic.

Gojek Xcelerate was first launched in September 2019 and has fostered 35 Indonesian and Asia Pacific startups through training with its global partners. For example, Digitaraya, McKinsey & Co., UBS Bank, and Google Developers Launchpad.

Head of Gojek Groceries Tarun Agarwa said, in the midst of a pandemic, the implementation of the direct-to-consumer business model was effective because startups can interact directly with users who spend time online.

With this strategy, startups can also get data and feedback quickly so that the products presented can be more in line with user needs. The direct-to-consumer business model itself is claimed to be able to bring Gojek to decacorn status as well as being more resilient during the pandemic.

How Gojek Survive in Pandemic

“One of them was when Gojek developed a service that helps consumers shop for daily necessities through the GoMart and GoShop services. During the pandemic, GoFood services were also adjusted to work with Mitra Farmers Market who sells staple food to the platform,” Tarun said.

Not only that, the GoFresh service which was originally present for GoFood merchants can now also be accessed by consumers. The aim is none other than helping consumers meet food needs during the pandemic.

From the above, throughout 2020, transactions for daily necessities on GoMart also increased. “Until May, there was a 5.5x increase in products sold on GoMart compared to February,” said Tarun.

Gojek Xcelerate Guides 11 Startups to Adapt to Pandemic

Minimize the Startup Failure during Pandemic

Gojek Xcelerate also helps startups to minimize failures in developing products and services. The Xcelerate batch 4 participants were also trained to apply the MVP technique or minimum viable point.

This technique aims to determine the most minimal features in a technology ecosystem before a startup launches a more complete product or service. With this technique, startups can get feedback from potential users in a short time, thus helping to minimize development costs and the possibility of products failing on a large scale.

The participants also received training on growth hacking methods and impactful data science from Gojek and its various partners. Digitaraya’s Managing Director Nicole Yap said, despite the uncertain economic future projections, startups have the advantage of continuing to innovate and adapt quickly.

Nicole said, these eleven startups were lucky to get the opportunity to learn directly from the best business mentors during the pandemic. “Changes in consumption patterns and the structure of society are inevitable. However, with the right strategy, we are able to face this crisis with innovation,” he said.

Gojek Xcelerate Guides 11 Startups to Adapt to Pandemic

Optimism for Startup

Meanwhile, UBS Executive Director Riaz Hyder expressed his optimism for the growth of startups that joined Gojek Xcelerate.

“Looking at startup trends in the new normal era, there are three important things that are key to startup growth. First is ensuring financial conditions by setting priorities, following the changing trends, and innovating,” he said.

For your information, in the first batch, Gojek Xcelerate focused on machine learning with five startups that passed the training. Next in the second generation, the theme was women founders and graduated ten startups from Asia Pacific led by women.

Then in the third generation, this program focuses on the daily consumer innovation business model by graduating 9 startups in the country.