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GoFood Strengthens Digital Security Competency for Partners

GoFood Strengthens Digital Security Competency for Partners

GoFood consistently encourages digital security efforts, especially for business partners through education. This effort was carried out as a form of commitment to offset the high number of MSMEs that have started to switch to digital platforms, especially during this pandemic.

According to data, there are at least more than 120 thousand MSMEs that have pushed their business pivot to digital by deciding to join the Go-Jek Together program. By joining this program, they gain access to comprehensive solutions from upstream to downstream.

GoFood Strengthens Digital Security Competency for Partners

Under these conditions, GoFood also emphasizes the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of business data and personal data. This was done by sharing through various channels, such as the GoBiz application, the official GoBiz website, social media, including the GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG).

This service owned by Gojek also said that digital security competence is the main key to protecting yourself from fraudulent attempts with social engineering techniques, known as psychological manipulation. This social engineering method is indeed becoming a trend in digital fraud now.

Apart from education, GoFood also includes a number of security features in the GoBiz application. Some of these features are verification of the validation PIN for driver-partners who take orders, the user role setting feature for the owner, manager, and cashier access, to the confirmation feature as an owner for verification of data ownership.

“All Gojek technology innovation efforts and consistent education on digital security competencies for business partners are expected to support partners in protecting the security of personal data and business data,” said Head of Merchant Platform Business Gojek, Novi Tandjung.

Social Engineering Fraud Methods are Increasing

For information, based on a study from the Center for Digital Society (CfFS) Gadjah Mada University, fraud with social engineering techniques is a type of fraud by psychologically manipulating technology platform users and not system hacking.

In a study entitled “Increasing Digital Security Competence in Indonesia: Analysis of the Phenomenon of Fraud with Social Engineering Techniques”, it was stated that fraud with social engineering could occur because fraudsters took advantage of the ignorance and lack of security competence of digital platform users.

GoFood Strengthens Digital Security Competency for Partners

“Fraudsters attack the user’s psychological weakness so that potential victims ignore reason and logic, for example, we are made happy with the lure of gifts,” said CfDS researcher Adityo Hidayat. Therefore, awareness and caution are needed to be more sensitive to psychological manipulation modes.

Several Conditions that Require Special Attention

Adityo also said there are several things that need special attention from partners so as not to become victims of digital fraud. One of them is maintaining OTP (One-Time Password) code and ATM card number.

“OTP code and ATM card numbers are only to be processed by the system or machine. Therefore, if someone asks for the OTP code or ATM card number, we should be careful, “he explained.

GoFood Strengthens Digital Security Competency for Partners

He further explained that the result that occurs when someone gives an OTP code or ATM card number to a fraudster is the possibility of taking over a personal account. In addition, misuse of the access to the banking system may also result in financial loss.

Meanwhile, for conditions that often lead to fraud with digital engineering, Adityo said, one of them occurs when someone pretends to be an acquaintance of the victim or claims to be a company representative.

“After that, generally the fraudsters will give orders to potential victims such as asking for personal data information, business data, or requesting a transfer of some money,” he said. Usually, the con artist will create an atmosphere of urgency to make decisions as soon as possible.

Finally, the actions that are usually used when committing fraud with digital engineering are the lure of gifts and service favors. Therefore, MSME players must be vigilant if there is an offer of assistance in registering to become a GoFood partner or disbursing business funds manually.