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Fazzdoc Health Startup Offers Rapid On-Site Services

Fazzdoc Health Startup Offers Rapid On-Site Services

The erratic active case of Covid-19 in Indonesia has motivated a startup in the health sector named Fazzdoc to introduce Rapid On-Site services for corporate customers who are returning to normal operations. Rapid On-Site is an on-demand service for companies who want to do a rapid test directly in their office building so that it is more practical and efficient.

This service is a manifestation of a solution for companies to continue to pay attention to the health of their employees, considering that offices are one of the areas with a high spread of Covid-19. dr. William Solichin, Co-founder & Doctor of Fazzdoc said that this service comes with the increasing need for rapid tests for employees.

Fazzdoc Health Startup Offers Rapid On-Site Services

“The Rapid On-Site Service helps companies save time, money, and transport with the SAFE program. To provide the best service, we are working with several health clinics, doctors, and also the Ministry of Health,” William said in his statement, Thursday (27 / 8/2020).

In the midst of this pandemic, offices are one of the prominent areas in the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, Fazzdoc provides Rapid Test On-Site services in response to the needs of companies in the midst of this pandemic.

To find out more about Fazzdoc’s Rapid Test On-Site service and other facilities, Dr. William Solichin, Co-founder & Director of Fazzdoc explained that Fazzdoc is a startup formed to solve problems, especially in the health sector by using technology, so that it becomes faster, efficient, and easy.

Focus on Three Main Issues

With the motto ‘Don’t worry, be healthy!’, Fazzdoz focuses on three main issues. First, the problem of queuing length and waiting time at health facilities.

Second, the problem of mass rapid test unavailability for companies in a short time in accordance with the government’s appeal for office buildings. Third, it takes companies to find and compare the best health insurance according to their needs.

Fazzdoc Health Startup Offers Rapid On-Site Services

“We held a rapid on-site test at the patient office building because we saw a need from the company. The office cluster is one of the clusters that stands out in the spread of COVID-19, ”he explained.

Some office buildings require tenant employees to undergo a rapid test. Therefore, Fazzdoc helps provide an on-demand service so that it is more practical for companies not to have to come to the clinic, but the Fazzdoc team who will pick up the ball. The benefits of Fazzdoc’s Rapid Test screening service are time-saving, cost-effective, and efficient transportation for companies.

Fazzdoc also Provides PCR Test Service

Other advantages of the SAFE program are more accurate reservation times with doctors, giving advice and directions that are more appropriate to patient health problems, and presenting new normal experiences in a fun way.

Until now, the Rapid On-Site service can be used for corporate customers in the Jabodetabek area. The fee for the Fazzdoc rapid test service starts from IDR 150,000 per person using the IgG method, IgM Antibody using the prick test. Customers will get results within 15 minutes.

Fazzdoc Health Startup Offers Rapid On-Site Services

In addition to the rapid test, Fazzdoc also provides Fazzdoc PCR Test services starting from IDR 3,000,000 per person by taking the specimen through the nasal passages on the same day on the spot.

Please note that the results of the PCR Test service are different from the results of the rapid test service, which is 1 day. “Fazzdoc hopes that the Rapid On-Site service can be a solution for companies in Indonesia to maintain their health step by step by conducting easy and practical Covid-19 screening,” said William.

He also appealed to the company to always provide health protocol advice to employees, considering that preventive measures are the best health insurance.

Fazzdoc has been present in Indonesia since August 2019, but the implementation of the COVID-19 screening has only started to be announced since June 2020 where Fazzdoc has received many requests from companies.