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10 Indonesian Edutech Startup that Provide e-Learning Solutions

10 Indonesian Edutech Startup that Provide e-Learning Solutions

At present, education has been supported by Indonesian edutech startup. This startup in education can support the government’s efforts to advance education in Indonesia. At present, the government continues to improve the quality of elementary, junior high, and high school and vocational education in Indonesia through various policies.

This includes the quality of teachers, the construction of schools and colleges in various regions, renovation of classrooms that are not suitable for use, and the construction of libraries to improve student reading levels.

10 Indonesian Edutech Startup that Provide e-Learning Solutions

However, educational equity in Indonesia is still a problem that must be resolved together. Over time, and also as technology continues to grow, educational startups have begun to emerge.

There are various forms, some of which present educational content in the form of videos, foreign language education, or management of learning systems in schools with special software. In addition, there are also those who make courses between teachers and students.

All of them try to provide solutions so that education can be accepted by all Indonesian people. The presence of educational startups is very important because the government cannot work alone without the support of various parties.

Indonesian Edutech Startup that Bring Breakthrough for Education

1. HarukaEdu

HarukaEdu, a paid education platform was founded in 2013. The services provided are not only courses but also online lectures. Participants who use this platform can get a certificate after completing each level of the course/lecture.

HarukaEdu uses the concept of an end-to-end solution. That is, they provide the information technology infrastructure needed to conduct online lectures, develop curriculum and online syllabus, create digital content, find and train faculty, market programs, and recruit students, to run and administer lectures.

Until now, HarukaEdu has collaborated with several educational institutions in Indonesia such as the London School of Public Relations, President University, ESQ Business School, and the Harapan Bangsa Institute of Technology.

2. IndonesiaX

IndonesiaX is an online education platform based on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). MOOC is an unlimited online course for participants and open access on the official website. Almost all courses provided by this platform are free of charge and can be accessed by all Indonesian people.

Launched in 2015, IndonesiaX became a pioneer in MOOC-based teaching in Indonesia. This platform brings qualified teachers from experienced institutes in Indonesia. Its users have reached thousands of people. In addition, Indonesiax also collaborates with foreign institutions such as Harvard University which also has an MOOC-based platform called edX.

3. Arkademy

Arkademy is a learning platform for information technology and programming in accordance with industry standards. Launched in 2017, this platform aims to produce quality human resources in order to compete in the world of work.

There are 3 features of the platform that are specific to vocational students, including a learning module, a monitoring dashboard that allows teachers to monitor student learning outcomes, and channeling work directly to the company.

10 Indonesian Edutech Startup that Provide e-Learning Solutions

4. Bahaso

Bahaso is one of the educational startups that provides foreign language learning services. Founded in 2015 and a year later it began launching applications available on the Playstore and App Store.

Languages ​​that can be learned include English and Mandarin. In the future, Korean, Portuguese, French, and Japanese will be launched soon. To maintain the quality of the material, Bahaso works closely with the Faculty of Cultural Sciences of the University of Indonesia.

Bahaso uses the learning method of learning by content. The lessons are displayed based on themes such as introductions, fruits, and vocabulary that are used daily. They also adopted the Common European Framework for Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) which regulates the level of foreign language proficiency based on the agreement of the European Union countries.

5. Squline

Like Bahaso, Squline is also an educational startup that provides foreign language learning services that were established in 2013. The difference with Bahaso, this platform only provides learning through the site.

They will connect students with native foreign-language speakers, such as English, Mandarin and Japanese. In addition, Squline also collaborates with governments, companies and other institutions to improve the quality of foreign languages.

6. Our Table

MejaKita was founded in 2016 by 10 high school students. This platform makes it easy for students to do their homework (homework), discuss, and study together with the tutor provided. All students in Indonesia can access DeskKita for free.

7. Kelase

Kelase was founded in 2014 and is an educational startup that provides tools for building online classes for schools, colleges, companies, and communities. With the Learning Management System (LMS) used, they strive to provide an easy online teaching system for anyone.

LMS is a software application for networking activities, electronic learning programs, and training content. Until now, agencies that have collaborated include the Makassar State University, the Ministry of Trade, and the Ministry of Religion.

8. Ruangguru

Ruangguru is an Indonesian edutech startup with a marketplace model that seeks to bring together students who need lessons with quality teachers. The startup which was established in 2014 has netted students and teachers from various regions in Indonesia. This application is available on Play Store and App Store.


Academic Information Management Systems in Schools was founded in 2013 with a form of software application that allows teachers to enter grades, attendance, and student attendance. At the end of each semester, teachers can also use AIMSIS to print report cards. 

In addition, this application serves to be a means of communication between the school and parents of students. Parents can easily access the academic calendar and receive notifications when their child does not attend school.

10 Indonesian Edutech Startup that Provide e-Learning Solutions

10. Quintal

Quintal is an educational startup that was founded in 2015 with a vision to modernize teaching and learning in schools through digital solutions. The services provided include making it easier for teachers to fill in student grades, record attendance and student attendance, and print report cards.

Not only teachers can access student learning development but also parents of students. That way, parents can see their child’s learning abilities. Quintal can be downloaded via Playstore and App Store.

The many choices of platforms should make it easy for students to learn. The emergence of startups in education has also become a ray of hope for this country to improve the quality of student learning. Indonesian edutech startup must be able to solve education problems and create better learning experiences for its users.

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