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Gojek Releases Solutions to Encourage MSMEs to Go Digital

Gojek Releases Solutions to Encourage MSMEs to Go Digital

On-demand service company Gojek noted that it has partnered with more than 120 thousand new micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in the last four months or during the corona pandemic. To encourage more MSMEs to go-digital, the company has launched a special platform for MSMEs so that their businesses can ‘advance in class’.

Gojek co-CEO Andre Soelistyo said, through the #MelajuBersamaGojek initiative, the company wants to encourage MSMEs to more easily implement digitization in their daily business operations.

Gojek Releases Solutions to Encourage MSMEs to Go Digital

For example, starting from marketing activities, ordering (order processing), payment, shipping, to administration. MSME players can use it in every business operation, from marketing, ordering, payment, shipping, to administration.

This variety of solutions can be used by all types of MSMEs, from micro to large. Apart from providing comprehensive solutions, Gojek also collaborates with several payment partners, such as QRIS and LinkAja, as well as logistics service providers Pos Indonesia, Paxel, and JNE.

“In this challenging period, we continue to strive to develop comprehensive, inclusive, and easy-to-implement solutions that help MSMEs maintain their business while expanding their business scale,” said Gojek’s Co-CEO, Andre Soelistyo in an official statement received, Monday (10/8 / 2020).

The Gojek Solution is Expected to Accelerate the Digitization of MSMEs

According to Andre, in this solution, Gojek applies the principle of cooperation in helping MSMEs. Therefore, Andre hopes that the solution is expected to accelerate the transformation of MSMEs and traditional businesses into digital businesses.

“By joining the digital platform, UMKM players are expected to be able to quickly adapt. Currently, only 13 percent or 8 million MSMEs are connected to the digital world. Through the launch of this initiative, I hope that the digitalization of MSMEs will reach 10 million by the end of this year,” he said.

Gojek Releases Solutions to Encourage MSMEs to Go Digital

Deputy for Human Resource Development at the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs, Arif Rahman Hakim. Therefore, Arif invites MSME players who have not joined online to be able to take advantage of sharing digital platform technology, such as Gojek or similar services. Thus, economic optimism can grow.

“I hope that the GoJek and UMKM Progress Movement will be present to complement all the support for various government initiatives and strategies to maintain economic growth with the spirit of cooperation across sectors,” said Expert Staff to the Minister of Finance for Tax Supervision, Nufransa Wira Sakti.

120 Thousand MSMEs Join the Gojek Ecosystem during the Pandemic

This initiative was marked by the launch of the #MelajuBersamaGojek website. This site can be accessed by all MSME players in Indonesia to get a variety of the most appropriate solutions from the Gojek ecosystem.

In addition to technology support, Gojek also carries out a series of training and capacity building programs through Gojek Wirausaha, Go-Nusantara, GoSend Laris Manis Community, and GoFood Partner Community. Andre further said that in the last four months, 120 thousand new MSMEs had joined the Gojek ecosystem.

Gojek Releases Solutions to Encourage MSMEs to Go Digital

Based on research from the Demographic Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Indonesia (LD FEB UI), 94 percent of MSMEs who have switched to going digital and joined the Gojek ecosystem during the pandemic are micro-businesses and nearly half (43 percent) are young entrepreneurs.

“It is very important for conventional MSMEs to transform into digital businesses so that they can adapt to changes in consumer behavior who are now using more digital platforms to meet all their needs,” said Andre.

Regarding this initiative, Andre also emphasized that Gojek is committed to long-term support for MSMEs. Therefore, the presence of Gojek is said to be enough to help MSME players start exploring the digital business.

Based on LD FEB UI research, Gojek contributed IDR 104.6 trillion to the Indonesian economy in 2019. Using the GDP calculation method, the production value in the Gojek ecosystem is equivalent to 1 percent of the national GDP in 2019.