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6 New Normal Strategies by Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

6 New Normal Strategies by Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

Coworking space Jakarta Barat and other similar businesses in this universe are maybe having a hard time during this pandemic. They cannot do normal activities like several times before. However, now there is hope by doing a ‘new normal’ life.

Most of the countries are now preparing to enter this new life. It means that you can continue your life amidst this pandemic. It is for sure with the new habits and things to do. Usually, the rules are made by the government to stop the spread of the virus.

6 New Normal Strategies by Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

Just like other business scopes, the coworking space providers are now starting to enter this new normal life. You will find something different while renting the coworking space at the present time. What are those strategies to face this new normal?

Things You should Pay Attention before Renting a Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

1. You must wear the Face Mask

A face mask is now a must-thing that you always bring and wear. It is a sign of ‘love’ from you and all people amidst this pandemic. Why? It is because the mask can protect yourself and others. It is able to prevent the droplet from spreading. 

In addition, the mask will also stop you to always touch your face. It is especially your nose and mouth area. You must know that viruses can enter your body from those areas. Nowadays, all people who want to rent and use coworking space must wear this.

You can use any type of mask. An example is a common surgery mask. However, if this kind of mask is just too rare, wearing the clothes mask is fine. That is why; you need to prepare it before renting a coworking space and work from there. 

2. Health Verification by Using QR Code

Nowadays, the QR code is commonly used for various functions. It can be used for shopping, buying something, scanning a code, and more. Because of the technology, now it can be used to do health verification easily through your smartphone.

This system is maybe the new ones. However, now most of those places are starting to apply this procedure. When you come to a coworking space, it is better to register in the receptionist first. You need to fill the online form.

It is a form where you must fill some information due to your health condition. All can be done easily from your gadget or smartphone. Based on an instruction from WHO, all members need to pass that verification before entering a room. 

6 New Normal Strategies by Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

3. Thermal Check in Coworking Space 

It is a common new normal that you can find everywhere. This procedure will be also used in most coworking spaces at the present time. Before you enter a room, the staff will check your temperature. Certain special thermometer will be used for it.

That thermometer is looked like a gun. It has a digital display to show your body temperature. Usually, the staff will place it near your forehead. It is not painful and quite comfortable. So, everything is really fine.

This thermal measure is also done for those who want to leave the room. Especially for people who use the main access. If the body temperature is less than 37.3 degrees Celsius, the staff will let you come in inside the coworking space area.

If it happened, it is for sure that you cannot enter a coworking space. Usually, the staff will recommend you to have a further check. They will do it politely and always maintain your privacy upon everything. It is the best action for everyone.

4. Health Verification Pass

After you passed everything (temperature check and health verification), the staff will give a sticker. This sticker is like a verification pass that you can do to enter the co-working space area. It means that you can do all the facilities there.

Usually, you just need to stick that sticker. The staff will recommend you to stick it in some areas which are clearly seen. Those are like the chest, hand, and more. Some other coworking spaces may also give other items for this verification pass. 

You just need to accept is. In addition, keep that verification pass when you are using it in a coworking space. However, this verification is temporary. You will get the new check and verification to ensure your health in the next visit.

5. Physical Distancing

Before, you may able to sit next to your friends without any distance. Besides, a wide area of Coworking space can be also placed in a lot of chairs and tables. It is done to accommodate a lot of coworkers at the same time. 

However, you will not see it again nowadays. The management is now maintaining the new rule. They will maintain the distance between coworkers based on the instruction from WHO. It is a safe distance so that the virus will not affect others.

In addition, the management will also reduce the number of chairs in a room. To support this concept, management will also place hand sanitizer everywhere. The staff will be equipped with hand gloves and face masks to make the coworkers comfortable. 

6 New Normal Strategies by Coworking Space Jakarta Barat

6. Make a Publication and Limit the Access

The new normal protocol must be announced online. The coworking space management can make a protocol video about it. It is also a great idea to create interactive communication in every media social account and official website that they have. 

Another effort done by the management is by making a limitation. This limited access is especially for the area which is always visited by a lot of members. The examples are the gym, sleeping pod, and rest area. The public items will be kept.

It is done for a while or not temporary. In addition, the coworkers are also recommended to bring and use their own item. The examples are eating and drinking utensils. It will make people don’t need to go to the kitchen because this area is also limited. 

New normal is like a new hope for coworking space. This business believes that it will recover the coworking space industry soon. There is good news about it. The coworking space Jakarta Barat can be more desirable since more companies are more flexible.

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