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7 Important Renting Tips of Coworking Space Bogor

7 Important Renting Tips of Coworking Space Bogor

As the name implies, coworking space Bogor is a workspace that is used together to work and discuss. That way, everyone can complete their projects in a professional manner without being limited to the physical office in general.

Of course, they can save even more with this coworking space. It is because the coworking space providers provide various different systems for rental. It can be daily or monthly rent. If it is your first time doing it, you need to know the tricks.

7 Important Renting Tips of Coworking Space Bogor

Actually, renting a coworking space is easy. You can do it by coming to a coworking space directly or calling them by phone. Sometimes, the provider also makes the online reservation for this case. However, you need to know some tricks so that your reservation is profitable.

Important Tips before Renting Coworking Space Bogor

1. Choose a Strategic Location

Site selection is one thing that is very important. It is because the office will determine the company’s credibility. It is better to choose a coworking space that is strategic and easy to reach with various modes of transportation to facilitate mobility if needed.

Do not choose an office with old buildings or not clean. It will make you uncomfortable at work. If the coworking space is located close to home, you can directly visit it. However, if it is located quite far away, you can get detailed information from their website.

You will see the common rooms that they have. It includes how they decorate the room, maintains cleanliness, and more. That is why; you can consider rent that place or not. Choose a coworking space that meets your business need. 

2. Check the Facilities.

You also have to pay attention to the facilities provided. Coworking space with one another can offer different services. Choose coworking space with complete facilities. This service is provided by a professional coworking space service provider. The examples are fast internet access, attractive decoration, and others.

Choose what your business needs is at least. Therefore, you really need to know the need of your business beforehand. This method will make the coworking space rental fee that you spend will be not in vain. 

Choosing a coworking space with complete facilities is always profitable. It is because you don’t need to go somewhere to fill your need. The example is a café facility. You can order the food from there in your break time. 

7 Important Renting Tips of Coworking Space Bogor

3. The rules made by a Coworking Space

It is better to study carefully about the terms and conditions of the coworking space provider. For example, the process of correspondence between service providers with consumers and the package offered. Do not arrive at a later date you will be charged an additional fee.

Choose coworking space that provides clear information about the services they offer. It also includes the price given. Sometimes they also have some terms and conditions that you should read. It is really recommended for you/

For example, do they allow you to consume food when using a meeting room or not. There are some co-working spaces that allow it. However, there are also those who forbid it. It is important for you to know clearly.

4. Compare the Price

Currently, office rental prices in Bogor are very competitive. It is because lately many companies provide this type of office space service. The price of coworking space rental will be influenced by the location and facilities that you always need.

Some coworking spaces will definitely offer different prices. You can find out more than one coworking space and then compare them. However, do not make price the only consideration for choosing a coworking space.

You should still prioritize the quality provided. It is the main consideration. It means, what they offer must be able to meet the needs of your business. For the examples are good internet connections, meeting room facilities, and so forth.

7 Important Renting Tips of Coworking Space Bogor

5. Booking the Space First

Booking is an essential thing. It is especially if you want to do a monthly rent or rent a coworking space in a peak season. You must know that sometimes the coworking space Bogor can be fully rented by their members on several occasions. 

That is why; you need to book the coworking space first. It will ensure you get the room at a certain time. You can also tell the staff or employees there about some other items to rent. You need to know about the facilities offered too.

Sometimes, several services and facilities are included in a package. The examples are like free food, beverages, cable roll to use, and more. Knowing what includes and excludes is essential. You can have better preparation for this.

6. Choose the Room

You need to know that the coworking space usually provides two different rooms. Those are the public area and a private room. The public area means you can share a room with other coworkers. This room is usually having some tables and chairs. 

The size of this public area room is also quite wide. The second kind of room that you can rent is the private one. It means that you can use the room for yourself. This room is usually rented by a company for its workers.

In this private room, you can use all the facilities there without the need to share it with others. You can use the printer, LCD, tables, and more for yourself. This room is also recommended if you want to have a meeting with some of your clients. 

7. Know the Ethics

Last, coworking space is not owned by you. It is still a place owned by the provider and can be used by the public. That is why; although you pay for renting it, it is better to know about the ethic. It is because you share the room with others.

The examples are always maintaining cleanliness. It is better to be not noisy at the same time. It is done to make other coworkers feel comfortable when they are using it. They also do the same to make you comfortable.

Renting a coworking space is actually so easy to do. However, knowing about the tricks will make you are able to rent it comfortably. You can have a great relationship with the provider and other coworkers in a coworking space Bogor.

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