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6 Professions to Work in Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan

6 Professions to Work in Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan

The number of coworking space Jakarta Selatan services are always increasing. It means that a lot of people are interested in using this facility. It is reasonable since coworking space offers a new atmosphere of working. The rooms are designed artistically.

In addition, the facilities are also completed. The coworking space provider always provides useful facilities. Those are like the meeting room, internet, LCD screen, and more. There is almost no profession limit to being able to work in coworking space. 

However, there are some jobs that are very suitable to do in coworking space. A comfortable coworking space can make your work more brilliant. The trend of coworking space is great for your creativity. Here are some professions that are very suitable to use coworking space.

Who You will Meet in Coworking Space Jakarta Selatan

1. Freelancer

In fact, this profession is interpreted as freelance work done by individuals and is contractual. Generally, it is done by those who have a certain hobby and passion. The examples are writers, bloggers, and editors (photos, videos, films, etc.), and more.

A homey and cozy atmosphere in a coworking space will stimulate the emergence of inspiration. The ideas were smooth running around. You can be more productive when working in a coworking space. Rental systems owned by coworking space are also more affordable.

You can rent daily or monthly as needed. You also have a chance to meet other people and businessmen. The biggest opportunity is to meet with investors who can provide benefits for your business. This chance is widely opened if you are working from there.

2. Startup Business

Want to build a new business but little capital? Everything will feel right when you start in coworking space. This is because of the binding lease contract that makes it easy for its members. So, startups can go back and forth in establishing relationships and developing business outside.

If you need a place to sit and hold meetings, just contact the administration coworking space. You can rent based on the needs. You only need to tell them about the need to use several pairs of tables or rooms.

You can even choose to use it publicly or privately. Not only makes it easy, but also supports you in developing your business wing to move forward. No need to think about expensive office rentals. This is what makes a coworking space one of the startup’s favorite places. 

3. Programmers and Designers

Coworking space also supports you who have to sit in front of a laptop all day. An example is several professions such as programmers and designers. A comfortable coworking space atmosphere will make you feel comfortable working for a long time there. In addition, coworking space services are also included.

The most sought after service of course is fast wifi. Surely you will not feel wrong choosing the place. This is because almost all coworking space will definitely provide a fast internet network. A fast internet connection will make it easy for coworkers to get their work done.

Not to mention the design of the room and padded table chairs make you feel at home for long there. Do not be surprised if then the work exceeds the expectations of the previous design. Clients are happy, you are happy. Interestingly, coworking space is also equipped with various other facilities that make it easy for you.

An example is a kitchen, café, to the library. This is what makes you able to make coworking space a place to meet with clients.

4. Handmade and Art

Because it is unlimited, then you who don’t bring a laptop can spend time on coworking space. You can sit to make a knitted scarf, making paintings on canvas, making caricatures, making comics, pondering, and stringing beautiful words so that a poem can be done there.

Make the crafts (handmade) as a selling product trial can also be done in coworking space. Remember, specifically with regard to craftsmanship, you must maintain neatness and not cause noise so as not to disturb other users.

With an attractive coworking space, your creativity will easily appear. You can also have the opportunity to gather with friends there. In fact, the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs or investors is also wide open. Who knows this will benefit your business.

5. Employees

Besides the professions above, conventional employees can also try to work from a coworking space. It is especially when they have to visit other offices or clients in different cities. Instead of working from your hotel, doing a job in a coworking space is more fun.

It is not only for a staff that is doing his job in the other city, you can even try to work from a coworking space. Sometimes, it is a great idea to rent a coworking space and work from there. You can feel the new nuance.

Furthermore, this new atmosphere will make you are able to work better. That is why; if you are a manager or CEO of a company, renting a coworking space for a while can be a great solution. Invite your staff to have a meeting there.

6. University Students in a Coworking Space 

Coworking space is not only a place for them who are working for something. You can say that it is also a great place for university students. They can come to a coworking space to do their duty. Coworking space has a great internet connection.

In addition, coworking space also provides several facilities that are beneficial for university students. Those are like computers, printers, presentation rooms, and more. They can use it when they need to do their tasks and more. It is like a positive place to gather with friends.

Besides, most of the coworking spaces in Jakarta Selatan also have attractive designs. It shows the young spirit and energy. It will make university students have more inspiration to do their tasks. They can also meet some entrepreneurs there and discuss it with them.

So, coworking space is actually can be used by all people. It is especially for them who need to do their job properly. Coworking space doesn’t limit any professions. You can come at any time and rent the coworking space Jakarta Selatan based on your need.

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