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Jubelio Launches Services to Integrate MSME Stores with E-Commerce

Jubelio Launches Services to Integrate MSME Stores with E-Commerce

During the corona pandemic, more than one million Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sold online to reach consumers. This moment was taken advantage of by startup in the field of Software as a Services (SaaS) Jubelio, by launching a business solution called Webstore.

Based on the RedSeer survey, people started shopping on e-commerce during the Covid-19 pandemic. This is to minimize the risk of contracting the coronavirus. As a result, the volume of demand in e-commerce has increased five to 10 times.

Jubelio Launches Services to Integrate MSME Stores with E-Commerce

This also makes MSMEs switch to e-commerce platforms. The government noted that more than one million MSMEs began selling online during this pandemic.

The government is targeting 10 million MSMEs to sell online by the end of this year. “The focus is now on helping MSMEs to develop their online business,” said Co-founder Jubelio Andra Yusuf during a virtual press conference, Thursday (6/8).

Launching the Webstore as a Solution

The company launched the Webstore. With this new solution, businesses can integrate their shops with e-commerce platforms and manage them.

“The webstore complements omnichannel retail. At Jubelio, retail can get services from upstream to downstream,” said Andra. There are three webstore service options, ranging from basic, enterprise, and professional. Customers will be charged a subscription fee of around Rp. 300 thousand if they use this service.

Jubelio Launches Services to Integrate MSME Stores with E-Commerce

Jubelio is focused on providing omnichannel services based on cloud computing (cloud). Omni-channel is a system that enables retail businesses, both large and MSMEs, to integrate their business into various platforms, including e-commerce.

The system allows consumers to use more than one sales channel. That way, customers can buy products directly to physical or online stores. Jubelio noted that the demand for omnichannel services increased during the pandemic. “We actually got the best sales in July, because many retailers have switched to online,” he said.

The startup that was established in 2018 also cooperates with 10 companies in the field of e-commerce. They include Tokopedia, Bukalapak, Shopee, Blibli, Lazada to Zilingo. Jubelio provides a variety of services, ranging from Point of Sales (PoS), Inventory Management, and Order Management (WMS).

In addition, logistics providers, Loyalty Reward System, and Integrated Accounting System in one platform. The company has already hooked 3,000 customers, both MSMEs and corporations. In the future, Jubelio will focus on collaborating with more marketplace companies.

Jubelio Made Profits from the Problems in Marketplace

The existence of digital technology makes many companies including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) take advantage of it. For example, to expand the market with a marketplace site. Even so, there is one weakness in the realm of the marketplace, especially for peddlers.

Namely, lack of sales management data collection facilities, including to record products or want to add products sold on the marketplace page. This obstacle has become a market gap for PT Guardia Teknologi Indonesia.

Jubelio Launches Services to Integrate MSME Stores with E-Commerce

The startup company spawned a platform called Jubelio. This is an omnichannel platform that helps businesses manage product sales on a single dashboard. Not only helping to upload products one by one to various marketplaces, but Jubelio also has several other service features.

The second feature is an accounting service that helps businesses load all financial information, from assets, capital, expenses, and detailed income. The third feature is a point of sales service or online cashier. This service will help users speed up the offline sales process and manage stock items.

Meanwhile, the last feature is the webstore, aka own online shop, which is integrated with Jubelio’s services and systems. “So, Jubelio’s business segment is business to business,” Andra said.

With the services that Jubelio offers, the results are quite positive. Since operating in 2018, currently, the local startup has been able to partner with 700 clients or users. The breakdown, about 60% comes from MSMEs and the rest are large companies, such as Unilever, P&G, ID Marco, Mitra10.